2023 Wrapped

Geocaching just sent a nice “wrap” of my 2023 activity (which I don’t remember them doing last year) that was fun to reflect on. It also became obvious how much of my activity has changed. Using Project-GC, this is my monthly activity over the last eight years: Quick observations: Spotify also published a “Wrapped” thing […]

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The Rules

Saturday morning, I helped with the Seattle Randonneurs “Adopt a Road” litter pickup.  Combined, we picked up sixteen moderate-sized bags along a stretch of East Lake Sammamish Parkway from LouisThompson Road to 28th ST NE.   In the two bags I filled, the most frequently found item was cigarette butts.  Styrofoam peanuts were the most obnoxious

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In the chart below, the red line represents the time-history of my participation in Postcrossing for the past two years.  The red line shows postcards sent, the blue line is the number received.  Any guesses where I lost interest because the five-card limit on cards in-circulation was a problem?  Bueller? They’ve since increased the limit

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A day of errands

The last few weeks have been the melange of wintery weather: Pineapple Express, snow, ice, snow, travel to Florida (well, that was okay), and Pineapple Express: The Empire Strikes Back.    In short, terrible for biking.   The lack of recurring, physical outlet has not been good on my physique… or psyche.   A forecast of “overcast

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Saving energy

Woodstock wrote about the Green Dilemma earlier this week.   I thought I’d pick off a couple of cases and work through the math parts to determine if savings would really be economic savings. Case 1: consider my 15 year-old Kitchenaid top-freezer with an ice maker.  The Kitchenaid Marketing Literature says the technology has improved: if you’re

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Tape Art

Step 1: Find the vacuum cleaner. (It’s in the bedroom. No, the other bedroom.  Maybe the study?  Oh, wait, that’s right, I was vacuuming the garage carpets out – look there.) Step 2: Buy plastic film (not shown) and packing tape in Costco quantities. (1 CEU = five miles.) Step 3: Wrap vacuum in plastic

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All I wanted to do was migrate my work-related forum to a new host.  Here’s how it should have worked: Copy stuff over Edit configuration files Populate database rock on Here’s how it actually worked: Copy stuff over Edit configuration files Populate database Software was unable to connect to a database because php5’s developers do

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