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Benford’s Law

I was going through Statistics Hacks and came across Benford’s Law, which states that in naturally occurring numerical data, the distribution of the first, non-zero significant digit follows a logarithmic probability distribution described as: P(D1 = d) = log10 (1 + 1/d) In other words, first number is much more likely going to be a 1 than it is a […]

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Dear driver who spun out in front of me this morning, You are a moron on a public roadway, not a professional driver on a closed course.  It’s icy.  Your SUV won’t stop faster. Hang up your cell phone.  Slow down. Learn how to drive. Much love, Jim Photo from KOMO-TV,

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Trick question

Costco called last night to let me know the tires I ordered were in — not that I expected to wait long for a set of all-weather radials compatible a 2002 Subaru, especially in this neck of the woods. I drove today, anticipating I’d be able to escape work early and have them mounted. On the way in, I saw […]

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