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Notes on Field Day 2023

I wrapped up another field day with my friend Paul (W7PEZ) in Eastern Washington. For the two days, I had 204 contacts, broken out roughly as: Paul worked 200 contacts, nearly all CW. Both are personal records. Neither of us were “running,” which would certainly have bumped up the totals, nor did we operate all the time, because most of […]

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Setting up FT8

(Updated 2022-03-08: links to JT-Alert tutorial, K4 setup tutorial; added links to Meinberg NTP and Grid Tracker; updated screenshots of PSK Reporter & WSJTX 2.5.4) Download and install the latest distribution from the WSJT-X project page. The documentation is well-written and useful. Please, pretty please, verify your system clock is set accurately. Seriously. The FT8 cycles are 15 seconds, of […]

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Fun with FT8

(For setting up FT8, go here.) Setting up WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporting) was done in preparation for playing with the two-way digital communication modes. The set I was initially aiming for is JT9/JT65, named after Joe Taylor, for very short messages that can be received far away, in noisy conditions. What makes this work are: Short messages. Long transmission […]

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