QCX+ 5W CW transceiver kit

During one of my CW classes, a couple of my students were waxing on about the fun they had in assembling a QRP Labs QCX+ radio kit. They invited me to participate in the fun. Although I’ve done small kits in the past, this was much more ambitious. I was leery what paltry soldering skills […]

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Fish Tacos recipe

For those days when I don’t feel like cooking, but I still want something different, we have a Fish Tacos recipe (adapted from Sylvia Fountain’s Feasting At Home), where everything can be purchased at Trader Joe’s. This serves three. Ingredients (and where to find them at Trader Joe’s): Spice rub (random canned and jarred ingredients

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Chicken Bun Cha bowl

Chicken Bun Cha Bowl

This recipe for Vietnamese-inspired Chicken Bun Cha bowls with fried shallots on top is based on a class I took at my local PCC in April 2023. It takes just under two hours from when I started until when we ate. When I redid this last night (2024-03-11), I made some of the sauces the

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100 Country CW Club

I had a lot of fun hunting during the first “contest day” of the CW ARRL DX contest last weekend.  10M was wide-open, with runners as 28.160.  Not only did I set a personal record for volume of QSOs in a day, enough confirmed for me to blow past the 100 needed for DX CC

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Prague Trip – Part 2

Belatedly following up with Part 1, my remaining time Prague had a day-trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Bastei Bridge, and a lot of geocaching throughout the city. (Prague geocachers bring their A-game. I went home finding 132 caches in Iceland, 71 in Czechia and 5 in Germany.) To blow through my remaining CZK, I

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2023 Wrapped

Geocaching just sent a nice “wrap” of my 2023 activity (which I don’t remember them doing last year) that was fun to reflect on. It also became obvious how much of my activity has changed. Using Project-GC, this is my monthly activity over the last eight years: Quick observations: Spotify also published a “Wrapped” thing

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Prague Trip – Part 1

After my time in Iceland, I spent a few days to see Prague, which is renowned for its history and the excellent geocaching community. It did not disappoint. Day 1 Summary: Fly from Keflavik, arriving early afternoon. Check into the apartment rental. If time permitted, exchange currency, then wander to the meeting point for the

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