Iceland Planning Retrospective

Where to start… (extensively updated 2023-10-26) I initially asked a couple of geocaching friends what they did, and it was evident their visits were stopovers onto somewhere else. It is possible do visit many sites from day-trips while staying in Reykjavik. However, this was my travel destination. While doing a couple of day trips from

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Four Sinks for 2021

My how time flies. It’s been over 17 (!) years since I undertook replacing all four of our bathroom sinks. The fixtures (which were the house original) have been looking sad faced and the pop-up linkage is flaky. The sinks, to varying degrees, could use a spruce up as they are visibly worn where water

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Garage Door Automation

A few times a year, the last person coming into the house via the garage will forget to shut the door, leaving its contents vulnerable to critters or the unruly, post-apocalyptic mobs speeding through our quiet suburban streets at night.  The obvious solution is to check it each night before I go to bed.   But that’s a

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