Makeshift memorial

My walk into work takes me across the Lenora Street pedestrian bridge, a walkway that goes under the Alaskan Way Viaduct and over the pair of railroad tracks running north-south through downtown.  To the south of the walkway, and underneath the roar of traffic on the Viaduct, is the the fourth version of fence erected by the city […]

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Time capsule

Inspired by Spring being officially upon us in the northwest (while the rest of you in North America are having “summer”), I went on another cleaning rampage the weekend before CROC, this time focusing on the garage. For the most part, this involved coming to acceptance that the 17″ piece of baseboard, fractional container of

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A bike, in Los Angeles?

I’m headed to Los Angeles today to spend the week visiting customers and stafffing our booth the World Congress on Computational Mechanics (basically similar to last year’s USNCCM-equivalent). Since Ride Around Washington is a scant five weeks away, I am bringing my bike in hopes of getting some hot-weather riding. I know: “a bicycle? In

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Generic Seasonal Greetings

I always loved receiving holiday newsletters because they present a blog-like view, in Cliff’s Notes-length of what’s been going with a family during the last year. (My mother-in-law is the Jedi Master of these.) Hoping, perhaps naively, others shared this enthusiasm, we’ve put together one of our own for the last decade and a half.

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And I ra-a-an…

My spider sense told me that my 20-year high school reunion was lurking in the shadows. I found a sealed box with what I assume is my collection of high school baubles and ribbons signifiying my my achievement in the field of excellence. When my kids are old enough to appreciate how much of an

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My birthday’s coming up this week and, for the first time in a decade, I’m in moderately neutral spirits, which is actually a substantial improvement. I’ve considered this relative to my life/age milestones:

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