Q and A: Do you still write many checks?

Question posted on Reddit’s “Ask an Old Person”

Whenever I comment on a question like this on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter, I feel like The Algorithm is just going to pigeon-hole my response. Unless, of course, I say something remotely controversial. Why scream into the void elsewhere when I can be ignored on my own site?

  • Workers that come to the house (plumber, roof repair) or charities. It saves them the credit card fee and is convenient to just hand them a check when they’re done.
  • There are fees for ACH in excess of the cost of a stamp and envelope. My homeowner’s association inexplicably charges $2.50 for ACH, 3% for credit card, and nothing if I mail it to their processor in Las Vegas (where someone has to open the envelope and note that it’s for my account).
  • ACH is unavailable, there is a fee for credit card usage. My property tax ($$$$) finally started accepting ACH, just in time for the second payment later this year.
  • Only form accepted. AOPA’s Outgoing QSL program only takes checks for money orders.

The last time I needed more checks, I was given the option of printing two pages in the bank office for no charge, which would last me over a year.