Notes on Field Day 2023

I wrapped up another field day with my friend Paul (W7PEZ) in Eastern Washington. For the two days, I had 204 contacts, broken out roughly as: Paul worked 200 contacts, nearly all CW. Both are personal records. Neither of us were “running,” which would certainly have bumped up the totals, nor did we operate all

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Hot as heck

During the last week of June, there was a crazy forecast. Sometimes the app, using Dark Sky, has an instability problem with far-future dates, but this wasn’t changing: For context, the normal high this time of year is 79. Low temperatures are typically 50s to low 60s, thus allowing us to use “Seattle Air Conditioning”,

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Finally home

Since there were a couple of requests, and some disbelief (*cough*, Jennifer) here is the scarf-in-progress, also known as “Scarf ]I[” or “When I finish this, there will be warm weather” scarf. My hand is strategically placed over some design elements: knitting my name into the pattern. If my name was a series of random

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Having an ICE ride home

I was at work until 9:30 this evening building demos for the trade show next week. This is the latest I’ve biked home since the summer, and it wasn’t too bad: very light traffic, wet roads, 34°F and clear sky illuminated by a sliver-short-of-full moon. Near home, it got interesting. The temperature had dipped below

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Polar Bear Plunge Seattle

I did the Polar Bear Plunge (aka “Polar Bear Swim”) again this year. Since I had better planning going into it, I thought I’d try going to the big shindig at Matthews Beach sponsored by the Seattle Parks Department. Writes The Stranger: “(Gloating) Last year, 800 foolish hippies kicked off the New Year with this

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