Finally home

Since there were a couple of requests, and some disbelief (*cough*, Jennifer) here is the scarf-in-progress, also known as “Scarf ]I[” or “When I finish this, there will be warm weather” scarf. My hand is strategically placed over some design elements: knitting my name into the pattern. If my name was a series of random glyphs, I could say it turned out great.

The interstates were cleared out, but the roads towards home got progressively worse. Marooned vehicles were oriented in every direction, proving Seattle-ites cannot drive in snow. There were dozens of cars abandoned on the plateau. According to news accounts, over 125 vehicles were stranded on Newport Way and Lakemont Blvd. Wow.

One benefit of the frigid weather (14°F at the Carson household) — I’m trying hard to be optimistic — was this morning’s clear sky. I hiked out along the greenbelt to catch Comet McNaught moving across the sky. It’s so close to the sun that its movement was readily apparent, and it’s also six times brighter than Hale-Bopp, a hundred times brighter than Halley’s Comet, and 220 million times brighter than the board members who agreed to Robert Nardelli’s golden parachute.

Weather outlook for the next week is sunny with highs above freezing.  The snow’s going to be with us for a while.

2 thoughts on “Finally home”

  1. Because of the location of our house (at the bottom of a hill on a dead-end), I have to chain-up to get home whenever I venture out. The basic progression is, drive up hill out of housing development, drive downhill to valley, de-chain, run 5,000 errands at once, return to bottom of hill, chain-up, drive up hill and down to house. I’m getting extremely fast at fitting my Les Schwab quick-fit chains.

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