Cleaning between the glass of an oven door, starring my Frigidaire oven

The other night, one of my kids managed to spill soup into the vents on the top of the oven door, which then dripped between the two oven door glass panels.   Googling around, I discovered this is not uncommon, but there were scant instructions for cleaning between the glass of an oven door.   Rather, forum contributors were evenly divided among “buck up and live with it,” “sell the house,” “call a professional to repair it,” and “replace the oven” — roughly my priority of options. Since this was a relatively new kitchen remodel, my better half was antsy to have it fixed.  As I’m always up for a challenge, I thought it would be helpful to document the process in case anyone else has a need for cleaning between the glass of their oven’s door

Oh, the horror!

I started with the helpful ‘sploded diagram below.  This confirmed the project was doable by a mortal. So, for those of you who come here because you have the same issue, here is a pictorial guide, using my oven as the model for all ovens ever made.

Oven door schematic from Sears Parts Direct.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.   The door is heavy.  If your oven is older, the door screws may be corroded and difficult to remove.

Tools and materials required:

  • #2 Philips screwdriver with a good point.
  • Cleaning supplies. For the internal pane, Windex was sufficient. On the inside of the oven, I used a razor blade and vinegar.
  • Ice cold beer.

Time: About 30 minutes, including cleaning stuff and step 10.

Step 1: Disconnect the rack from the door. Mine has two rods that connect to the lower tray. Rotating them 90 degrees will let them slide out.

photo taken using my left hand. huzzah!

Step 2: Lock the hinges. There is a lever on each hinge that slides down to keep it from moving further. (See yellow arrow for the range of motion.)

Hinge safety lock – move it down to engage.
Hinge safety lock … engage! (It helps to say it like Jean-Luc)

Step 3: Close the door all but a hand-length (about 10° open). Grab each side of the door — not its handle — and lift up. Repeat: do not lift by the handle. Lift by handle, you shall not. (Why? The handle won’t support the weight of the door.)

Do. Not. Lift. By. Handle.
Oven door sitting on my counter, handle removed

Step 4: Gently set the door on a flat surface.
Step 5: There are six screws you’ll need to remove: four small ones (“60B” on the schematic above) on the bottom of the door (below the hinge levers), and the two large ones (“10” on the schematic) holding the handle (“39” in the schematic) that you did not use to lift the door with.

Below the door screws are two smaller screws on each side. Don’t remove these as they’re only for the hinge mechanism. (Because I didn’t know what I was doing, I did. It’s not a big deal, but it’s unnecessary work.)

Green highlighting – remove this. Red – no.
Um…. screw is removed?

Step 6: Gently lift the black, heavy, hinged part off the facade.

While I had the main door out, I used the razor blade to scrape the cooked food splatters off the oven glass, then cleaned grease with vinegar and paper towels.

Step 7: Clean the drip off the facade:

The stain wasn’t bad, so I just used a simple glass cleaner. While I was at it, I cleaned out the vent holes with wadded up paper towels.

Step 8: Reassemble the door: put the facade on the main door. Attach the four screws on the bottom. Squeeze the top of the door together and attach the two door handle screws.

Step 9: Gently set the door hinges into the slots on the oven. The door hinges will not release until they’re settled into the oven and you’ve pulled on the door a little bit:

If you’re still having problems with the hinge, here is an instruction sheet that might help. (Thanks to Kristina Manu for the information.)

Step 10: Drink cold beer.


    1. Oh, it would be so tempting… however, my spouse has a security council veto.

  1. Nice work! I love all the pictures. I think it’s hilarious that the screws are color-coded red and green (mine aren’t). Nor do I have the locking hinges (as far as I can tell), though mine’s a Sears oven too.

    I totally second the flame-decal motion. Come on!

  2. You rock. Seriously. This worked like a charm on my Frigidaire.

  3. Great idea! Was so excited to try it, but discovered one of my hinge locks is broken and the door won’t budge…any recommendations?

    1. It depends how it is broken. (Does the door open/close now? Or is the lock being finicky, preventing you from unlocking? If the former, you may be able to get the door out with an assistant. (It’s just pretty heavy and bulky.) If the latter, I found it necessary to put the door in first, thereby using the leverage afforded by the oven + weight of the door to relieve pressure on the hinge.

  4. Just spilled clam chowder in the oven door vents. Please don’t ask how I did this : ) I did a google search and thank goodness I found your website. Performed the cleaning project in about 30 minutes. Thanks for the information you provided!

  5. Awesome! I have almost the exact same Frigidaire oven and was just thinking I should probably give this a try to clean a drip that got in there years ago. Now I have the confidence to do this myself. Woo hoo!

  6. Thank you so much!!! My husband cooked soup and I about died when I noticed a streak of soup in between the glass. We have had this stove for one month! I just cleaned it and put it back together without a problem. I am so grateful. The pictures and your detailed description were so helpful. I think it only took my 15 mins.! Thanks again.

    1. You probably forgot Step 10 – that’s why you got done so fast! hee hee

  7. I’ve had my Frigidaire Range/Oven for about 8 years and have had a big white drip on the inside of the glass for about 7 years, 360 days. It has always bugged me. So, this weekend, I am going to fix this. I wonder if the newest models have corrected this apparent design flaw. Thanks so much for the detailed how-to!

  8. Thank you for including drink beer in the instructions. I will use it to bribe my husband to clean out the food he spilled in the door. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”
      Is one of my FAVORITE sayings! We have been married 15 years & have a 13 year old son & an 8 year old son.
      This phrase gets said a LOT! 🙂
      Cracked me up to see someone else use it!

      1. I say that to my 30-year-old fiance on a fairly regular basis as well. 😉

  9. Jim,
    I now know that there is nothing under the sun that Google cannot help me with; your terrific instructions prove it! My glass frount has had the white streak for 4 years and today it will be gone! The appliance On-Line instructor wanted 23.00 for this and I believe he would not have included the detail or the humor . the wife….will be estatic.

    Portland Or

  10. My stove is less than a year old, soon after there was a spill and sure enough down through the glass panes it went. I have been so frustrated looking at my pretty stove with the stains between the glass and also embrassed when you have people over. You can’t help but notice! After reading how to clean between the door glass of my Frigidaire oven, I decided to give it a try. Nervous a bit I got my materials together and went to work! An hour and half latter I had a sparkling glass in my oven door! And guess what? I actually put it back together and back onto the stove with no trouble at all! You can do anything you put your mind to (with special instructions of course) even a lady at age 67. THANKS Mr. Jim Carson! Betty

  11. Thank you for the comments Cindy, Lyndsey, John and Betty – it really tickles me that this has been helpful.

    1. Any helpful ideas for burns on the top of oven and top of the door whenever the heat gets hotter. The gasket was changed by service rep. but still does the same. Therefore a burn stain is seen on top of vents on the door.
      Never buy Fridagaire Gallery or any fridg. ever again. No support on item that they know is not made properly.

  12. Wish I had seen this BEFORE we cleaned ours – anyway, we didn’t have much trouble removing and cleaning but when reassembled and read to put back on the glass on the front shattered into a bozillion pieces! We purchased another glass and put on and back to the oven it went with no problem. Any idea why the glass would shatter?

  13. I am in awe! I guess that must be what has happened to my oven glass…could not figure it out at all. Thanks for the tutorial!! I will definitely pass it along!

  14. I agree that this is a major design flaw in ovens. What idiots! How can part of the design process not be to use and abuse an oven before it hits production. Someone in our house managed to spill something in the lower oven vent less than a month after the 60 year old Hotpoint ovens were replaced with Maytag ovens. I wanted to throw up when I noticed it. Took a year for me to get my husband to disassemble that POS and I didn’t have it done in 30 minutes. I cleaned that thing until you could have put the door only back on a showroom floor. It can be done but it is hard. Heavy and awkward. Thanks for providing this for others.

  15. Awesome! thanks for your directions….it worked!!! your’re a genius….thank you….this saved us big bucks for a repairman!!

  16. I did this several years ago without a tutorial. Just figured it out by myself. The ONLY difficulty I encountered was that I dropped a screw and it fell into the corner of the drawer…in between the “walls” — hidden until I moved a year later! I took the kitchen apart looking for that darn screw! Door worked okay without it… 🙂

  17. Great step by step directions. Mine is not bad but I can’t stand my oven not being clean. Thanks so much, I didn’t even know this could be done.

  18. I actually called them to ask how to clean that part many drips on mine..I far rather NOT have a window into my oven to tell you the truth..LOL. the guy sent me the instuctions just as i see on your site here..I want to do it ..i really do..but i dont’ have time..I like how you broke it down..and i’m pinning it for sure. I now know this is doable.

  19. So happy to find this info. Wish I had had it for my old range, but will keep it handy for my NEW range. Thanks.

  20. THank you so much for this info. I have had a line down my stove for almost 2 yrs and I am a clean freak and when I can across this my hubby did it within 30 mins. It looks like a brand new stove.

  21. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Been fighting with a coat hanger and rags on my back trying to get the glass clean thru the vent holes. If a pregnant lady can do this all by herself anyone can! Take that spilt milk stain!

  22. OK. I’ve got a Kenmore 790 3 ys ago. Got the same drip in my glass – (Hmmmmm…have your kids been in my house?) My manual said n o t h i n g about cleaning between glass. I figured it out myself. After weeks of searching for something to remove the magic screws, I found it – a #1 star driver bit, which is now taped inside the cupboard. So, I got my glass cleaned, reassembled the door sandwich, replaced screw #1. went to replace screw #2, and it kept popping back out. Disassembled, and discovered that the hole inside the handle is completely stripped. nice… I used gorilla glue and clamps to get the screw to stay put, but door was not as tight as it should be. My husband got tired of me griping about it; called Sears and a repairman came out. $180 later*, my door is fixed. All because Carson’s kids snuck into my house and spilled soup, and ran.
    *(we should’ve just ordered replacemt handle for $55)
    ps – repairman said the stripping most likely took place during assembly process due to pneumatic driver. oy

  23. Thanks for the awesome post. Lo and behold found out my door comes out… sadly, found out it didn’t go back in as nicely. Now I’m waiting for my land lord to get a repair guy to possibly come reinstall my door since I’ve got some ancient McClary that no website seems to know about.
    I’ve been trying to reinstall it for the last hour,

  24. Thanks for your post on how to clean between the door. I can’t stand looking at the drips between the glass. I have also tried dampened paper towels carefully taped over a flexible ruler. Don’t try this as it doesn’t work and you may end up with paper towel stuck between the glass! I would be very leery to attempt taking apart the door without your instructions and documented success. I have a tendency to be good at taking things apart and struggling with the “back together” aspect. I’ll hopefully post to let you know how the cleaning goes. Once again, THANKS!

  25. Thanks so much! This was a great help in cleaning our oven door after a Thanksgiving turkey drippings catastrophe! Our door had four layers of glass and ALL of them had baked on turkey broth. My husband read your info and applied it to our particular oven…now our door is like new again!

  26. Dear Jim Carson,
    Thank you for the excellent DIY ! So, here’s a “whaddya think” for your response, please:
    Why would this sort of wide open door vent design flaw/feature, in your opinion, remain on so many oven models, frustrating so many oven buyers and users for so long? If vents are required, why are they placed in the center top section of the door rather than near the top outer edges of the door where inevitable spills are less likely to splash down into the vents? At the very least, why isn’t there a better splash guard to shield the vents? Is it oven maker arrogance and indifference or what…whaddya think??
    Best, -Reston

    1. Reston – honestly, I think it’s a case of style having precedence over utility. It seems like they could elongate the vents and adjust their pitch such that it would be more difficult for food to get in there. (I’m still not sure how it was done on ours; but clearly I’m not the only one here…)

  27. Thanks for the great directions! I just did this on a 3-year-old Frigidaire under-counter oven, FEB30S5GCB. The door screw arrangements are a bit different (no through bolts to hold the handle) but the steps are the same.

  28. Hey Jim,This is great. Thanks for info.We bought a new Frigidaire Oven not to long after we purchased the oven my wife was cleaning the Stainless Steel door and she notice that it had ran down between the glass.Dang not good.Low and behold we was playing cards and I was ask if we had a hard time getting to the glass to clean it.And I told my Family member that I didn’t no how to get into the glass to clean the door. But that was in till I Googled my Problem.Then Jims Instructions came up and with in 30ty mins the door was apart cleaned and back on the oven looking like it was brand new again.thanks Jim you instructions really helped me. Allan, Maryland

  29. I have a brand new Frigidaire stove and the top vents of the door allow liquids to roll down inside the front glass panel. I know I can completely disassemble the door and clean it, but why should I have to. It’s a design flaw. Plain and simple. I have a repair tech coming on Tuesday. Is this a design flaw or what. I appreciate the advice, but why are we all tolerating this.

  30. Thank you for this post, I dripped milk between the glass of my oven. I didn’t even know this was possible to get something between the glass!! I look at the drips everyday and curse myself…now I can fix it.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  31. My glass is filthy!! The inside sheet of glass is actually broken! Think I could easily replace that? I don’t drink, but after I look at my oven I seriously think I may have to start. The thing is an embarrassment!

  32. this is awesomeand I so appreciate all the work involved in sharing this with us….Thank You!!!

    Hugs from Nova Scotia,Canada,

  33. I DID IT!!!!! I was afraid to do it after reading about the person that had the glass shatter. We moved in about 16 months ago and had a couple of streaks inside my oven door. IT IS CLEAN NOW!!!!!!

    Thanks for the directions!!

  34. Thank you, thank you for your instructions. I knew I would need to take the door off to remove the drip in my oven door, but was afraid to try it. I tend to take things apart and can’t get it all back together correctly when I don’t have instructions, then have to call someone to fix it for me. I

  35. I did this and mine shattered too!! It’s costing as much as the whole stove to replace…

  36. Hilarious. I actually found this on Pinterest on a cleaning break – from my oven! I’ve had dust and some streaks between that glass for years as well. I want to know what idiot designed an oven with that flaw… My oven is from Sears and has the same schematic as above, but I don’t have the locking door hinge thingeys and so I’m having fun figuring that out. Only change I made to your tutorial is combining number one and number ten. Thank you so much for this! : )

    1. Glad it was useful. And yes, I think combining steps one and ten would work out very well. Thank you for the suggestion.

  37. Thanks, Jim! Love the graphics, the asides, and that you saved me the time searching a thousand sites! Having switched dryers doors (same maker), I thought I had this pretty well figured, and you confirmed it. Lots of time saved! You rock! Beer certainly is a required tool, btw!

  38. This happened to me with my brand new oven. I made my hubby take it apart so I could clean it. Why do those vents have to be there? Couldn’t they put them on at the top on the sides? Just saying.

  39. Awesome! Can’t wait to try this! Spilled scalloped potatoes in mine 2 months after we got it..12 years ago!

  40. Drips on glass been there for long time. Started looking up how to take apart and clean. Found your instructions and they made it easy, although I wasn’t sure if I got step 10 right first time, had to repeat it.

  41. Two things worth noting:

    1. Some Kenmore stoves made in recent years are made by the same parent company as Frigidaire (Electrolux) and use essentially the same door design on the oven, so these instructions will work with those too, and

    2. If you ever have to clean the inside glass on an old oven (before 1980 or so), do it outdoors wearing a respirator, as there’s probably asbestos-laced insulation surrounding the glass that will be ripped apart for the first time in decades when you open it. I had to do this once on a 1960s oven whose window had become almost opaque; I wore old raggy clothes that I threw away immediately afterwards.

  42. This has been bugging me for about 5 years now. It never even occurred to me that something got in there through the stupid vents. I just noticed the streaks that would NOT COME OFF of my (then) brand new oven. I’m tackling this task later this afternoon. Thanks so much for the detailed information!

    1. Best of luck with it!

      We lucked out that our daughter fessed up to it right away. Still, I was puzzled how it happened.

  43. Bless you! You dasmn near saved a marriage. When I snapped that cold brewsky, I toasted your health!

  44. Hi Jim: I have the identical stove, and like so many others, it didn’t take long and I got that same proverbial streak down the inside of the glass. Believe it or not, the streak was made with glass cleaning fluid–I sprayed it on and before I knew it the fluid was running down the inside taking along debris from the outside of the door!! Not the end of my tale here: I have the same glass countertop as you do, and one “double burner” in the frnt left side. UNDERNEATH the glass, the heat got so hot that it made a huge black blob and cleaning the top glass does not do a thing.

    The repairman came and had to put a NEW glass top on it–and blamed it on my pans–saying that they were not rigid enough and something about the metal getting hot.. HUH?.. well I went out and bought the heaviest pans that they had at Kohls.. very thick bottoms.. and guess what? Within a year same thing!!!..there are some problems with this stove…and when I called the store, they asked me to bring in my pans!!!..


    1. Click on the diagram and you’ll see a listing available from Sears. That part is about $22 from them. You may also find it locally from a repairs shop.

      Good luck


  46. Jim, you rock. Even a Yooper and his wife could get this done! My husband especially enjoyed the mandatory beer!!

  47. I have quickly removed one of the “To Do” tasks to get this house rented 🙂 After 4 years of pouting over the drip marks on the glass I am ever thankful for your tutorial, which only took 20 minutes to achieve success! Now a beer 🙂

  48. I have quickly removed one of the “To Do” tasks to get this house rented 🙂 After 4 years of pouting over the drip marks on the glass I am ever thankful for your tutorial, which only took 20 minutes to achieve success!

  49. Female, 63 years old, under 5 ft. and I did it !!! I could have done it under 30 min., but I had to find a screwdriver that would fit deep enough so I wouldnt strip the screws. I also did it on the floor and had to keep getting up.Last year I was brave enough to take out the door but I put it back because I wasnt sure if I could get it back together. Thank you soooo much!!! It looks beautiful now!!

  50. I did this yesterday before reading this…in about half the time and steps you’ve put here. I didn’t take the door off the stove, I just opened it, unscrewed two screws that held the outside frame and glass on the door, wiped the mess up and screwed the door back together. Perhaps your stove was more complicated than my stainless maytag glass cooktop stove?

    1. just finished cleaning my door, took me 15 min-just unscrewed the 3 top screws from my fridgedaire and it was that simple, finally dust free,will share with all my friends 🙂

  51. Hi, Thank you for the , “cleaning between glass”, tutorial, but am having trouble putting oven door back on. The hinges keep snapping up before they lock into place,can you please help me?

  52. These instructions worked perfectly. Very easy to follow. had job done in about 15 minutes. My wife was about to go crazy with the dust that had accumulated in between the windows. She now referes to me as her “hero”.

  53. We actually tackled this literally 2 months after getting a new stove. I dripped sauerkraut juice down the vents while cooking ugh, it really was quite easy! We just followed the instructions to remove the door.

  54. We do this all the time & it works great, but I would like to ask, How can I get a couple of places that always seem to brown while its self cleaning? There are a couple of places on the top of the door & also a place on the control center that does the same thing (where heat comes through the vents). I have used everything I can think of. I can get most of it but it still always leaves a stained look on those spots,ugh!

    1. The vents get kind of nasty during the self-clean cycle. I used a dog-eared paper towel and a toothpick to clean out the visible bits. It was tedious, but my spouse didn’t know 🙂

  55. Be very careful when putting screws back in and tightening. My oven outside glass shattered and had to be replaced, of course, for over $100.

  56. Hi Jim…Thanks for the info. Wish I’d seen this sooner. My husband spilled juice from a meatloaf between the glass and couldn’t fix it. I got tired of seeing it like that and took the door off myself. Basically did what you did and got it clean and back together. Now my self cleaning won’t work. The problem seems to be that the door won’t lock so self cleaning won’t turn on. Any suggestions?

    1. You might check that the hinges are all the way in — this sheet may help. Also check that there’s no debris blocking the lock mechanism. During a self-clean cycle, the inside of the oven will get very hot — usually more than 800F — and the lock is to prevent injury from opening it.

  57. Thank You So Much!!! Happy that the gross milk stain is gone in between the oven glass!!! I had chosen the “live with it” option for 5 years!!

  58. Thank you very informative.

    Now can you tell me how the remove the top of my glass top stove so I replace a burner.
    The darn burner does not heat up all the way.

  59. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I’ve been looking for this instruction for years!!

  60. Without removing the door, would I be able to take off the handle and remove the cap #52 to gain access to the glass? and then slide in (on a ruler or long rod) a cloth to clean the glass?

    1. JEssicas comment from a few weeks back intimated that it is and may be faster. I would avoid sliding something in only because it’s waxy to remove and with my luck, it’d get stuck. 🙂 m let us know if you’re successful !

  61. Thanks Jim, I can now remove the hand towels hanging over the oven door handle that have been hiding the glass for 2 years now.

  62. THANK you for this! I have also chosen to LIVE with the drip mess for about 5 years now. I have a screw driver, I have vinegar and a razor blade, but this project will have to wait for another day, because…alas…I have no beer. 🙂 Thanks again!

  63. I also have a Frigidare self-cleaning oven but mine does not have hinges that look like yours. Mine do not have a locking mechanism that can be manually lowered. How can I take the door off?

  64. Wow! Thanks for the information. I really need to do this. That streak inside my door has been annoying me.

  65. A repairman told me the self cleaning feature on my electric oven could cut the life of my stove in half! He told me to use old fashioned cleaners on it or the oven cleaners made for self cleaners like Easy Off.

  66. I have a 2006-07 stainless steel Frigidare self-cleaning oven. Hubby and I just had to take 2 screws off inside side of oven door, then very carefully unscrewed top 2 inside screws of door, which we found out abruptly, holds the handle on. The stainless facade fell away from main part of door and we could remove the whole pane of glass out an wash it and clean down inside the door and the back glass of door. 2 insulating metal pieces on either side came off and we cleaned those. Replaced cleaned glass, screwed handle back on to the attachment screws that stay in the door and screwed metal pieces back on either side with the original two side screws. Did need a drink afterwards. Nerve racking but take ur time and be patient. And whoever said self-cleaning cuts life of oven is an idiot! What’s the point?

  67. If you work slow enough, you can have more beer. Oustanding directions.

  68. I have a General Electric Self Cleaning Gas Stove. Can I still follow the above instructions to clean the glass between the doors. Thanks

  69. I asked for help on this at the store where I purchased my stove – I was told that I would need to buy a new door! I have been “living” with it and hanging pretty kitchen towels on the handle to cover the dust. Thanks for the help and $ savings!

  70. You are amazing. I have looked at that “uncleanable” streak for about 3 years now. Streak be gone!!!

  71. You are amazing. I have looked at that “unclean-able” streak for about 3 years now. Streak be gone…

  72. ok, saved me too. i have for years been hating my kitchen because of the drips inside my stove door and all the dust built up in there. so frustrated, had searched the web but did not find this site. everything i read said it was impossible. i took your tips and the tips of the person that just undid the few screws and left the door in place and it was soooo easy. i had been thinking to order a new oven door, which sounds stupid, but it bugged me that much. THANK YOU for taking the time to post it all. beer later, it’s still morning here.

  73. So glad I found this, I have had the same thing happen and have been wondering if I could take the door apart on it to clean! Also wish I coul take my microwave door apart to clean it. Same thing happened to it and now it needs to be cleaned!

  74. Just finished cleaning the inside (and outside) of my oven door. Read your instructions and promptly took out every screw I could see. The cleaning was a snap (almost) I used vinegar, a vileda scrunge (for glass cooktops) and the glass top cleaner and a razorblade scraper (that I also use on my glass top because some people in our household insist on cooking everything on high). Also used half a roll of paper towel. Assembling the door again took some trial and error as not all screws fit in all holes. However, it is back on the stove and looks so bright and shiny; now I have to clean the rest of the kitchen to match it. Good thing I have all day and it is snowing out anyway. Don’t drink beer but French Vanilla Icecream with chocolate sauce was a great reward.

  75. I didn’t know this was possible. Once I build up my courage (worried I may put it back together wrong) I’m gonna give it a go. I think I’ll start with Step 10. LOL!! Thanks for the great directions and pictures.

  76. Amazing …you rock!! I lived with a drip mark for over a year and did this in 10 min!

  77. Don’t really like beer. Would a glass of wine work just as well?

  78. thank you, for doing what my wife would not let me do.i’am starting to work this comming weekend.i’ll let you know how it goes.again. thank you!

  79. AMAZING!!!!! My sister and I managed to do this in 15 mins! and you were spot on with the beer! LOL

  80. Thank you! I would never have tackled this without your instructions (and the comments). (There were a couple of black pieces of metal in there in mine that I was not expecting, but they turned out to be things that the handle screws go through). It makes the whole kitchen look better.

  81. Maybe you can help with my oven door problem? The door to my Sears Kenmore comes apart and I don’t want it to!
    The handle is loose on the left side and it lifts, allowing the front glass to fall forward. It doesn’t fall out (yet) because it seems to sit in a track or lip. I can slip the glass back under the tabs, and close the door again, but the handle remains loose. I don’t see any screws holding the handle in place. I’ve found all the diagrams helpful, but still don’t really what might be the problem, so I’m hesitant to take everything apart.
    Have you ever heard of this happening?

  82. I got the glass clean but can’t get the door to drop down into the hinge slot. I don’t want to force it. Any ideas? Is it possible that I rotated the hinge locks too far back and they are stuck there by the hinge.

    Cancel all my above comments! I was hesitant to bend the door hinges beyond the initial resistance point when I opened the door. It would not drop down until I gently forced it open a bit further and the hinges dropped right in where they were supposed to go. Door works great and it is CLEAN!

  83. My husband tried to do this last Spring and we ended up having to take the oven door to an appliance parts place to get it reassembled. Much whiskey was required while we waited for the use of our oven again.

  84. Jim, you are my hero. My oven like yours is fairly new and I thought I would have to live with this spill in my oven door for the rest of the life of the oven. Thank you so much!

  85. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!! My 7yr old daughter just helped me do the job and it took less than 15 min. I am so happy to be able to see the inside of my oven without the screen of dust!

  86. I am so glad I found this blog. We have the exact same stove and your directions were right on. Thank you very much. May you have a health and happy New Years!

  87. I too have the same problem mine is a fgigidire glass top and i am getting mad every nite after diner i course at the stove and my husband just laughs at me and say’s u wanted the stove ” I NEED HELP ” I hate a flithy stove why won’t it let me post this commit

    1. Comments are on a delayed approval (sadly, I get ten spamments for each comment.)

      But to your point, cleaning the glass is easily done with a screwdriver and a beer (or wine, tea, gourmet coffee, or some other reward).

  88. I had a Kenmore stove with a self cleaning oven for almost 20 years, and never had an issue with it. I am a baker, and forget all the time to put something under the dish, so I had plenty of stuff boil over. I used the self cleaning option at least once a month, and never had a problem with the stoves “lifetime”. 20 years is a long time for a stove to keep working, we had to replace the bottom unit in the oven once, one burner, and the clock worked but kept losing time. I had so many clocks in the kitchen anyway we never needed it. I just used the clock for the self cleaning cycle, and set it for two and a half hours. worked ever time!

  89. Any ideas on how to clean the browning on a white stove door where the door meets the underside of the stove top help!

  90. I spilled something on the inside of the glass right after I got my stove and have had to live with the disgusting streaks FOREVER! I’m very excited to try this! My husband will be thrilled with the ‘recipe’, especially the beer!

  91. Thanks so much! I don’t like beer though, so I used it to set my hair. Wish it wouldn’t have been quite so cold!

  92. This is perfect, thanks so much! I put up with those ugly stains inside the door for almost a year, but thanks to your info above I was able to remove them in less than 30 minutes

  93. As the owner of several rental properties, this was one thing I thought I would never be able to clean. Believe me, I’m pretty OCD about cleaning absolutely everything when a renter moves out. This is going to be saved on my favorites list and I’ll definitely use it in the future. Awesome!

  94. Thank you! I went almost a year staring at that drip down the glass not even thinking t was possible to clean it until I stumbled upon this Pin!
    My Maytag was a bit different being that I just pulled up on the door to remove it and the two pieces of glass were not attached to the two pieces of the door once the face was removed. I would’ve needed another type of tool to separate the two glass pieces but I was able to stuff windex and paper towel between the two pieces with a spatula handle. Thanks again!

  95. This is an awesome d-i-y!!!!! I’ll be putting my house on the market soon, this will definitely help me.

  96. Just did this, literally took me less than 10 minutes! Thanks so much! We moved in 9 monthes ago and I thought I’d have to buy a new stove to get rid of that drip. Thanks again!

  97. This is fabulous! I can’t wait to fix mine. I never knew how! Thanks. It took a lot for you to share this! You are the best!

  98. This totally saved my bacon! My husband accidentally blew up a glass Pyrex pan in the oven, and there were shards of glass stuck in the crack between the door and the oven. Once I located the hinge safety locks (under lots of gunk and spiderwebs… ew), the rest was cake. I’m going to have the cleanest oven in the neighborhood from here on out!

  99. Gosh, this was driving me crazy so I entered info on pinterest and this popped up! Best info ever! Thanks so much!

  100. Yahooo! Thanks, needed this, my oven door is a mess. Din’t know how to get it cleaned till now.

  101. I have a Kitchen Aid electric self cleaning stove. I was so excited to read your instructions for cleaning the glass. I looked at the inside of the door & it doesn’t have hinges like yours. Also no screws on the door or sides anywhere. Any suggestions as what to do now? Does this mean I can’t have a beer?


  102. AH! Over a year ago I was making homemade sweetend condensed milk and it boiled over. Hot, sticky, milky liquid everywhere. There is sooo much between the glass on my oven door. I had NO IDEA I could actually clean it! This is happening ASAP. Thank you!

  103. Thank you so much for this! I just knew I’d need this one day and today was it! I’m moving out of my rental and the landlord stood there and glared at the stove and then at me today when she was showing the house to a possible new tenant. I told her that I was getting to it today! With your tutorial, it was a breeze!

  104. Jim – You’re a lifesaver! I’ve had a drip on my stove since it was delivered (guess it was used and returned by another customer – though I didn’t know it). Your instructions were sooooo easy to follow – you should be in some education field. Thanks for posting this. It saved my sanity – the drip in my oven door was really bothering me. I’ve had it for about 4 years and now, thanks to you, I can look at my oven without seeing only that dumb drip.

  105. I had spilled something inside the front of my MOTHER-IN-LAW’S oven, so this guide was a lifesaver! Hilarious, too. We were dying!!

  106. You are the king of home projects! I was tidying up after selfcleaning and was grossed out at the gunk inbetween the panes! Other sites said it was super-hard and not worth it, but an hour later (and after one additional pane of glass removed, cleaned and replaced along with it’s bracket), my oven looks like NEW!! I’m so happy!
    Thank you!!

    1. ps. Mine is a Kenmore Elite with Induction and self cleaning.
      LOOKED JUST LIKE THE PICTURES!! I didn’t think so at first because I could not find the locks for the hinges…they are flush with the oven…you pry/pull them out

  107. I pinned this about a year ago…well, we have snow showers here today and raking leaves isn’t going to happen; time to tackle the oven doors! We have a Maytag double oven and when you boil over white sauce you get double the “UGH” when it drips down both doors. Mine is a little different than your pictures but it still gave me the courage to take it all apart! Now that it is done, I wish that I would have done it a long time ago. (On the other hand, I no longer have an excuse to let it go!) oh and look at that, it’s noon! Beer me! Thanks so much!

  108. I just want to say your instructions were right on. Unfortunately we could only get three of the six screws out. I tried doing this on my own but had to wait until my strong husband got home. Unfortunately he couldn’t get then unscrewed either. Let my say I was one mad puppy. Why do they have to tighten them so much. He even tried a lubricant with no success. So unfortunately we were not successful.

  109. Whatever you do, DON’T OVER-TIGHTEN THE SCREWS when you put the door back together! I had a Sears repair guy do that with my brand new oven, and the entire glass shattered. I was picking glass slivers out of the crevices in my home for weeks!

  110. Great post. Thanks. Once I’ve completed, my wife will be a, very, happy woman. I was wondering where the ice cold beer came into play. It makes perfect sense.

  111. Thank you so much! I did this yesterday–the cat hair (I have 2 with long hair) and dust that had built up was truly gross, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it out. Thanks for the clear instructions and the confidence to actually take my oven apart! Great post!

  112. good news & a really good looking oven over here in germany! thank you so much for the great tutorial, i’m glad i found this! 🙂

  113. Thank you sooooo much for your hard work to figure this out. I goggled “how to clean inside oven door of Frigidaire” and your page was the first on the list…wow am I thankful. Your instructions were right on (especially the beer) and because of you the job was quick and done properly. I am deep cleaning the inside of the oven now. Thanks again. May the Lord bless you abundantly this fine day the He has made.

  114. I just can’t believe I found your post, either! Thank you so very much. We have a brand new microwave as well that looks terrible because of the streaks on the front of the glass just like our oven door. I asked before we purchased both the oven and the microwave if they had one that wouldn’t get ruined by stuff being spilled and the Sears salesperson said, “unfortunately, no”. I’ll keep checking back to see if you post about microwaves! Thanks again.
    Marilyn Gillis

  115. i just took off my G.E. oven door and cleaned inside glass…..When I replaced the door the bottom part of the outside stainless steel door was loose….What holds the bottom part of the Stainless Steelso it won’t,move/…iS THERE SOME SCREWS THAT HOLD IT TIGHT TO DOOR?

  116. Thank you so very, very much! I’ve been grossed out by the drippage between the glass oven doors. I could not lift the door off, but by removing the four screws, I could clean the glass surfaces!!! You rock, Jim!!! Mine is a Frigidaire. I like it better now than I did before.

  117. About six months ago I was making laundry detergent on my GE glasstop stove. My brilliant idea of adding baking soda to the boiling concoction left a waterfall of wonderful smelling sudsing liquid all over, down the front and under the stove – and yes, in between the glass!

    I wish I would have seen this post earlier! I did get the door apart and cleaned the glass the best I could, but I didn’t get the door all the way off the oven. (Don’t ask, I didn’t take pictures!)

    So now I will follow your advise and do a proper job to clean up the remaining streaks and smudges. Thanks for sharing!

  118. Thanks a ton for this post. I was fixing to wing it and just start taking out screws but fortunately I found your post first. Quick and easy but wife drew the line at the cold beer part since it was only 8am when I did this. Again, many thanks. Now if you could just tell me how to get the white scratches off my cook surface you would attain god status.

  119. I was working on this, and found the head of one of the screws just will not turn. I used the best phillips head screwdriver in the house, and it just strips out the grooves in the head of the screw. Any ideas anyone? If I could get that last screw out, I could clean that glass on the inside….. mine would not quite work by going through the vents….

  120. Question: Why is it necessary to remove the door? I saw another set of instructions that illustrated how to just unscrew and remove the interior panel & glass pane. There must be a sound reason to add the extra difficulty of removing the door — what is it?

  121. Thank you for your fantastic instructions, crystal clean door now 🙂

  122. You are a saintl for putting together these wonderful instructions! Thank you! My stove was in my home for four days when this happened to me yesterday. It’s on warranty and the company I bought from is sending out a service technician with a new glass assembly that they think might tighten things up. I’m going to save the instructions for later though when I’m off warranty.

  123. Hey Buddy, thanks for sharing this information. I have a Matag Range but the detailed information you gave was enough for me to flow through an easy clean. Much appreciated.

  124. I drap a tea towel over the top of the oven door and extend it out over the handle when using the stove top. Also, i put tin foil 2or3 inches down on the inside of the stove door and then draw it across to the handle and rap it tight under the handle so the vent is still exposed. I,ll take it off if i have visitors or think the oven isn,t venting enough. Don,t have to worry about spilling inside

  125. These are great hints, but why doesn’t Fridgedaire design a better door? I had a glass door in my house growing up and it never got gunk in it. My mom had one that was 30 years old and never had gunk in it. I also remember one that had to levers on the side so you could easily remove the glass for cleaning. This is work that should not be required ….seems like Fridigdaire is going backwards. I bought a refridge dishwash and microwave at the same time. They are all unsatisfactiry and make me wish I had my old ones back.Thanks to all for the great tips.

  126. By now you are the idol of every woman who has to take these tasks in her own hands! I was unaware of how easily the door was removed…..thus did my “cleaning between glass” with the door still on…….far from an easy task and thank goodness for clamps! But! Then I saw recently that something was awry with the front fascia (was caught on hinge, so I found out!) and this morning, it is all back together correctly…..thanks to your good works!! I have no complaints against Frigidaire… is what it is….the entire world is full of overpriced poorly designed and careless workmanship items!!! Yet, I see no one rushing out to remedy that! Thanks again, Jim! Have a great day!

  127. You are a life saver as well as a money saver. I did exactly as you said with one exception. I am a 66year old woman with diminished strength in my arms. I was afraid if I removed the door, I wouldn’t be able to get it back in place so I very carefully removed the handle, and the door and glass panel separated with absolutely no problem. I cleaned the door, the glass panel, the handle and everything else that had any remnants of cooking. I reattached the handle and now my range looks like new. In case your wife doesn’t know it, you are definitely a keeper. Frigidaire wanted $28. just to talk to me.

  128. Jim, thanks for the info on glass stove door. worked without a hitch.

  129. These instructions are awesome, even if your model is not the exact same. I am not always a DIY kind of girl so this has been on my list for, well, a couple of years! Took me about 45 minutes. Should not have started with step 10, lol. Thank you so much for the concise instructions. I could not believe how easy this was.

  130. Great diy! Probably wouldn’t have attempted this w/o your video. My range/door are identical to yours. The only thing that was missing was the mention of the third pane of glass. My glass was really bad and hard to get clean. Especially the inside oven pane. Thanks again Jim.

  131. Thank you, Sandy! Much easier than taking the door off. My range is still under warranty and I am hesitant to do anything that might void the warranty.

  132. Thank you for the very informative article and detailed instructions! Words cannot convey how thrilled I am! My grimy oven glass has been bugging me for 7 years and my husband absolutely refused to take this task on or even help me attempt it. So, I googled and found your page. I have a Frigidaire but a different model than yours. Still, my door was pretty much similar in construction. I followed your steps and in a short period of time I was finished. If there was a way I could, I’d send you a case of beer! Cheers!

  133. I never could’ve taken the oven door off….I love Sandy’s idea and will use it for years to come! Thanks again Sandy!!

  134. Hi All,
    I have an old Kenmore Plus which is a glass top range that is 17 years old. I love it and haven’t had any trouble with it except for several drips between the glass panels. I am soooo glad to read this info. I will try the different suggestions. Thanks, many times over.

  135. Sandy, thanks so much for your brilliant idea. I just fished a windexed paper towel up through the vents in the bottom of the oven door and voila, the dribble that has been mocking me since we moved in a year ago is now gone! I’m a 65 year old woman and the thought of removing the oven door was a bit overwhelming. Thanks again for your wonderful idea!

  136. I live in ireland and our oven has 2 glass fronts .so i dont have to worry about stains as the outside glass is fixed and u slide the inside one int grooves .my oven is a Belling dont know if u have them in america its seperate to my Hob whitch is a Bellings aswell .

  137. Thanks, we were getting ready to buy a whole new door as Regilmans told us it was non fixable. 10 minutes, good as new. You rock!

  138. This gets you between the cosmetic glass front and the double pane glass in the oven door, but I have spots between the double pane in the oven door. Any suggestions on how to clean there?

  139. thanks! had drips inside the glass door that have been bothering me for years – all clean now!

  140. Hubby and I just completed this project in under 30 minutes and with no disagreeing! You are a rock star!! Thank you so much

  141. from now on im going to spread a dish towel along the top of my oven door and close it (that is if im not also using the oven for cooking something at the same time) might work who knows. i will let you know. i think ill go with taking the door off and cleaning with the coat hanger and windex or clorox wipes. my door is easy to remove.

  142. i also have a design idea. install a slant area so the drip goes back into the oven on the inside glass and then you can clean frequently with weimans glass cleaner ( same as you use for cooktop)

  143. Please follow instructions, instead of pulling the door at 10 degrees, i tried pulling it out in the open position. It came out but with the added bonus of 2 inch bloody gash on my hand. yay!

  144. On my model I have two screws the hold the door handle on. Remove these to and the two sections of the door separate allowing you to clean in between. No removing the entire door. 5 minute job.

  145. We took our glass off cleaned it and put it back on.When we put it back it shattered into thousands of little pieces. I guess my husband tightened the screws too tight. I just saw the black door glass is no longer available. Guess that means a new oven.DAMN!!!

  146. I wanted you to know I sent a link for your helpful instructions to my stove manufacturer. “You were so kind to help in this situation & I would like to let you know how I was able to resolve this mess. I googled “How to clean oven door between glass layers” and found this informative and entertaining site. It included a most helpful diagram which wasn’t exactly my door but was close enough to get me started. I spent many hours (and took much ridicule from my family about reassembly) but it did indeed work.
    And I did as this gentleman suggested and had a beer to celebrate! It was well worth it!”

  147. Thank you for your clear, easy to follow directions. Diagrams were very helpful too. I was amazed at how easy it was. I’d suggest mentioning:
    when you are reinstalling the 60B screws, you may need to lift the black metal hinged part slightly so that the screw opening in the black metal lines up with the opening in the white facade. do the outside screws first and save the two inside ones for last.
    and put the door handle back on after putting the 60B screws back.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  148. Thank you for posting this. These directions are helping cope with the results of my wife’s stupidity. Stupidity you may ask… why would you grab a steaming hot bowl of vegetable chili bare handed? This complete act of stupidity has now left a scratch on my less that month old glass top stove and vegetable chili between the glass. Thankfully there are plenty of beers in this fridge. Thanks for the instructions!

  149. Thank you. With your help we were able to finally recover from the mango-habenero jelly incident of 2019

  150. Hi, unfortunately I removed the 4 red screws and I couldn’t tighten them
    Any solutions?

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