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Four Sinks for 2021

My how time flies. It’s been over 17 (!) years since I undertook replacing all four of our bathroom sinks. The fixtures (which were the house original) have been looking sad faced and the pop-up linkage is flaky. The sinks, to varying degrees, could use a spruce up as they are visibly worn where water contacts them. Parts list this […]

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If you give a Mouse a cookie (Electrolux style)

If you give a mouse a cookie, they’ll get crumbs and chocolate all over their clothes. When they get crumbs and chocolate all over their clothes, the laundry piles up.  When the laundry piles up, you will need to use the Electrolux front-loading washing machine. When you do several years-worth of laundry in the Electrolux front-loading washing machine, you’ll eventually discover it was leaking all […]

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Garage Door Automation

A few times a year, the last person coming into the house via the garage will forget to shut the door, leaving its contents vulnerable to critters or the unruly, post-apocalyptic mobs speeding through our quiet suburban streets at night.  The obvious solution is to check it each night before I go to bed.   But that’s a lot of diligent peeking into […]

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