Strange Lede

This article in Business Insider was making the rounds on my Twitter feed last week for its dystopian lede: The title and content have shifted around a bit, from being “– and it was worth it” (Narrator: No, it was not) or, more recently, taking a nuanced “If I could go back through time and […]

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I purchased a Sandisk 16Gb USB stick drive (~$10 on to transfer large files between machines rather than having to burn multiple DVDs.  (Also because I ditched my optical drive to install a second hard disk in my ancient MacBook.)  While shuttling files, the USB stick went into some kind of lock-out mode. The consensus from the

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What Is Your OTT Strategy?

As I was walking through the exhibits of O’Reilly’s “Making Data Work” Conference a few weeks ago, a vendor stepped in my path: Vendor: “What is your organization’s Hadoop strategy?” Having done a metric crap-ton of events as a vendor, I was sympathetic to what he was trying to do.  However, his premise of a tool being the

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Fun with

I was surfing a few nights ago and ended up with a rather odd assortment of “items to consider.”   Here are some examples where product reviews and customer photos have become art. Horse Head Mask – It looks pretty creepy, but then on the product page are over a hundred examplesof it being

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Fun with Yelp…

I started playing with Yelp as a way to track what places I frequent. Its schtick is you can become “Duke” for checking into a place the most times. Completely different from Four Square, which only confers mayorships. While wandering around Issaquah, I noticed this fellow appearing as Duke for 1300 businesses. That’s a lot

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Mission Criticaler

A webinar is essentially conference call combined with a PowerPoint presentation.  Of the dozens I receive a month, few meet my rigid criteria: educational content, straightforward delivery.  It’s usually easy to tell from the email if it’s likely going to be some kind of lame marketing presentation. Speaking of which, here’s an invitation I received

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