100 Books, Omnibus edition

In anticipation of the Facepocalpyse, I’ve been cleaning out some of my FB profile of nuggets I’d like to save on my own blog – today’s is the 100 Books, Omnibus Edition, based on a recurring meme that I see pop up every fortnight.  In concept, I don’t mind this one as much because who doesn’t […]

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2008 in review

1Q 2008:Travel to Reno (NV), Vancouver (BC), Portland (OR). Rode (most of) SIR 200k March brevet – So close to finishing. Had my first forty-something physical.  Tried volunteering at a local school.  Learned that dried spaghetti, when bent enough, will break in at least three places. 2Q 2008: Travel to: Pendleton (OR), Richland (WA) Rode

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Major geek

This Geek Test has been going around work. At 507 questions, it’s long and, unfortunately, I’ve got the high score at 38.65878%. There were several questions I wanted to comment on.

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Kitchen Meme

I saw this earlier today — not sure where — and thought it might be kind of thematically appropriate. The question was originally “If you were a _____, what would you be?” but I think it works better as “What is your favorite ______?” Condiment – A-1 steak sauce. It’s crazy, but I love to

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