2008 in review

1Q 2008:Travel to Reno (NV), Vancouver (BC), Portland (OR).

Rode (most of) SIR 200k March brevet – So close to finishing.

Had my first forty-something physical.  Tried volunteering at a local school.  Learned that dried spaghetti, when bent enough, will break in at least three places.

2Q 2008: Travel to: Pendleton (OR), Richland (WA)

Rode the Century Ride of the Centuries, camped at Moran State Park (WA).

Made tape art chrysalis for April Fool’s Day.  Tossed out all my obsolete media.  Had all of my lower fillings replaced with Folger’s Crystals.

3Q 2008: Travel to: Dearborn (MI), Hartford (CT), Boston (where, on the last day of my business trip, I was reunited with my luggage), Halfway (OR), Joseph (OR)

Rode Cycle Oregon; signed up for Tour de Blast, but canceled because of my business trip to Detroit. Camped at Deception Pass SP (WA), Wallowa SP (OR), Halfway (OR)

Saw eight Shakespeare in the Park plays.  Started geocaching.  Shipped a product release just before I left for Cycle Oregon.  (No pressure!)  Looked at the business case for being green.  Paid off my last debt.  Lost 25% of my retirement savings in the first half of the Great Financial Meltdown of 2008.

4Q 2008: Travel to Boston (no checked bags this time!), State College (PA), Gettysburg (PA), Erie (PA), Columbus (OH), Portland (OR)

Lost another 25% of my retirements savings.  (Buy and hold is for suckers.)

Cycling: 156 days biked, 4,798 miles (4,508 on the Cannondale, 30 on the Friday [now sold], 250 on the Marinoni), 48.2 miles ascent, 7 flats, a broken wheel, sheared shift cable (~7500 miles), worn out chainring (~8300 miles), 1 ice-induced crash.

106 dry, 8 wet road, 32 light rain, 24 heavy rain, 4 snow/ice.

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  1. Man…I sure would’ve liked to see more..what is that…sage?…in the weather graph. I grew up in a town which was predominantly 60-69°F, and this year was the first time in a decade I missed it. I never thought I’d want to move back to California, but I feel as if I’ve been cold for two years now…

    Lotsa dry riding days are nice, though.

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