Colonoscopy II

Because I had a polyp last time, I was due for a followup at 5- instead of 10-years. Today that happened. <tl;dr> no polyps, am now on a 10-year follow-up.</tl;dr>. Most of what I wrote up in 2017 is identical, so I’ll just note the differences I want to be aware of next time I […]

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<tl;dr>It wasn’t that bad.</tl;dr> (These are notes are mostly for myself for next time.) T – 10+ days: Pick up The Kit.  The kit is a 4L container with GoLytley powder, a flavor packet, and a prescription  ondansetron, an anti-nausea drug that I would cherish later. Out of pocket costs for this: $2.31.  A nurse

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3s of Me

The final piece I wanted to preserve from the upcoming Facepocalypse was a meme known as the “3s of Me.”  The original one landing my way had a lot of “not applicables”, perhaps being written for someone with zero likelihood of shuttling a mini-van-ful of kids to ballet.  I ignored it.  Then, John Chawner posted his

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Album Cover Challenge

Continuing the cleanup, I present the second of three Facebook memes that I still find both benign and entertaining, the Album Cover Challenge.  Like the others, I felt funny about any implied social obligation in “tagging” someone, so I toned down the mandatoriness a couple of notches. This is the original post.  Do check out

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Although I really don’t grok Facebook, I do like the huge timeline photo it allows one to post on the profile. My new commute downtown may turn out to be fun!

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