Colonoscopy II

Because I had a polyp last time, I was due for a followup at 5- instead of 10-years. Today that happened. <tl;dr> no polyps, am now on a 10-year follow-up.</tl;dr>.

Most of what I wrote up in 2017 is identical, so I’ll just note the differences I want to be aware of next time I need to know.

Nearing the 2/3rds mark.


  • I was pretty organized about the process, timing my grocery run to reduce the temptation of having fiber-foods around the house. The GoLytely (mineral salts that make you poop) documents were pretty thorough, but I found it helpful to write specific days in the margin.
  • An interesting addendum to the instructions provided by the doctor was a note that anyone coming into the procedure high, stoned or drunk would be automatically rescheduled. I assume this has problematic interactions with the sedatives. It is interesting that it occurs frequently enough that they feel it worth mentioning.
  • I intentionally tapered back on fiber a day earlier than necessary to make the purge phase easier. That worked, but midway, I was having serious fiber cravings. For breakfast and dinner, I stuck to Greek vanilla yogurt and jarred peaches leftover from my pandemic stash. Lunch was Boar’s Head chicken slices and provolone cheese. For dessert, rice pudding.
  • Next time, I should ask to get the prescription stuff (GoLytley, ondansetron, simethicone) in earlier so I don’t stress out about it.
  • Ice and Crystal Lite lemonade mix helped the solution go down.
  • The IV added used a plastic hose, which meant I could bend my arm. I did not realize this until the doctor presented me with consent forms to sign and he mentioned this.
  • The nasal oxygen cannula was placed underneath my K95 mask, which I kept on all the time.
  • As per last time, i received 100 mcg of fentanyl (IVP) and 5 mg of versed (also IVP). The clinic notes had a nicely formatted table listing precision down to the second:
This stuff works quickly!
  • I do not remember anything after answering “I’m not feeling anything” and before being told I could put my clothes back on. From the chronology, I was there a total of 1:25.
  • Post-procedure, the notes referred to a “Boston Bowel Preparation Scale,” which assigns 0-3 points (high = cleanest) to each of the three broad areas of the colon: right (cecum and ascending), transverse, left (descending, sigmoid and rectum). I scored 8 out of 9.
  • There was mention of “diverticulosis.” In the photos (that I won’t post here), they look like potholes. My understanding is they are not a problem until they get infected. But also, holy crap, I’m getting old.