Seychelles time

I spent an enjoyable day with my customer, learning a lot about oil exploration, sedimentation drift, and modern Norwegian history. The capstone was a home-cooked meal and occasional juvenile snickering while we all agreed that modeling TFD is an important, though funny problem.

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WordPress 2.1

One of my complaints against Movable Type was that SixApart didn’t update the software very often, especially now that they’re pursuing the “Enterprise” space. Since switching to WordPress six weeks ago, there have been three updates. I don’t know if I should be happy it’s so actively developed, or worried that it’s still got enough

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Distributed comment spamming

Today I had my first distributed, coordinated comment spam attack. This one was interesting because within a five minute time span, twenty comments were posted to three separate entries. The comments used a similarly formated message but linked to different, legitimate web sites. They were also from completely different IP addresses (list below the fold).

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Impress her… not

A “Joe-Job” is when a spammer sends out thousands of emails, masquerading as someone else. When the (334) emails bounce or (three) people respond, it comes to the lucky joe-jobbee, e.g. me. The deluge of mail headers this morning suggest distributed spammery, so I’m not even going to bother with firing off futile requests to

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