Impress her… not

A “Joe-Job” is when a spammer sends out thousands of emails, masquerading as someone else. When the (334) emails bounce or (three) people respond, it comes to the lucky joe-jobbee, e.g. me. The deluge of mail headers this morning suggest distributed spammery, so I’m not even going to bother with firing off futile requests to ISPs to flog customers who have inadequate firewalls and virus protection. (Yes, I realize virus protection is unnecessary for those practicing safe hex.) Luckily, the barrage was as fleeting.

All of the mails direct the recipient to the same site in Thailand, (
Clearly there’s enough financial return for spammers to (wait for it…) keep this up. However, I have to wonder about the mega-gullability of someone who would buy an erectile dysfunction elixir based on an unsolicited email.

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  1. You are lucky that the email copy had a consistent string (the IP address). My recent spam bounces didn’t, and there was just enough variation I couldn’t easily block them. Grr.

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