The Aurora

Three things lined up today, providing an exciting evening of aurora watching.

  • Tickling of the ionosphere – with the peaking of the 11-year solar cycle, it’s been ramping up. But this week, K-index of 9 and blobs-o’-sun heading our way.
Space weather forecast for May 10, 2024.   In the middle is a huge uptick in geomagnetic storm severity.
Geomagnetic Storm!
  • Darkness normally these are seen in Winter because nights are longer. But there’s also an issue with light pollution. The state map is pretty much “anywhere there’s people.”
Light pollution map of Washington State.  Where there's people, there's lots and lots of light pollution
  • Clear skiesaaaaaannnnddddd this is where we have problems. From mid-September through mid-June is more likely to have cloud cover and light, chronic rain.
Seattle area weather forecast from 2024-05-07 through 2024-05-11

Having all three occur at the same time is rare.