Lion Rock viewpoint taken on 2021-06-25 while geocaching.

Using Slack for CW Academy

During the latter part of my Basic class, when students were becoming more engaged, we ran into several problems with the email and text messaging. As an experiment, we used Slack in my intermediate class the most recent term.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  In the spirit of trying to give back, I thought it would be

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Mac FizzyCalc

During the summer of 2011, I had some mythical Spare Time to blow the centimeter-thick layer of dust off my programming skills and port FizzyCalc, a Windows-based geocoordinate conversion utility that I’ve used for solving several puzzles in my obsessive hobby, geocaching, to the Mac. Mac FizzyCalc celebrated its 2500th download in November, a year

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GoogleSoftwareUp clearing CS_VALID and Mac Freezes

PSA: In case someone else encounters similar symptoms where your MacBook freezes and the only indication is an error GoogleSoftwareUp clearing CS_VALID, I hope to save you a wasted evening of trying things and reading forums… Symptom: My heretofore reliable MacBook started going into “beach ball” mode.  The active application remained responsive to keyboard, mouse

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Email patterns

Despite a concerted effort to keep my inbox tamed, it’s now back above 30 undealt-with emails.  While falling behind, I’ve noticed some recurring – and annoying – behavioral patterns.  I’m sure the list is incomplete, so feel free to share! “The two-for” – a person who always — always— sends a second mail with the

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