Seychelles time

I spent an enjoyable day with my customer, learning a lot about oil exploration, sedimentation drift, and modern Norwegian history. The capstone was a home-cooked meal and occasional juvenile snickering while we all agreed that modeling TFD is an important, though funny problem.

With my body clock now firmly lodged in Seychelles time, I can complete the circle and go home. I learned that my Wednesday flight leaves Trondheim at 6:15 a.m., not 6:30. The extra fifteen minutes is going to suck. However, thanks to successful employment of the jedi mind-click, I snagged a bulkhead, aisle seat on both segments back. This is good because after sitting on a floatation device for an hour, I need to walk around. Aisles make this easier. Also, to avoid dehydration, I drink (water) like a fish when I fly, further contributing to a need to walk around. TFD

I liked Susan H Dennis’ bulk email rules and thought I’d expand them slightly, because this travel stuff wears me down. Not only do I have work to do here, I also have my un-stopped work at home and, paradoxically, I need to write about stuff. I’m getting further behind email…

  • If I requested to be included on your list, send me whatever you want. I’ll read it but, because it’s bulk, won’t respond personally.
  • If I ask to be excluded, assume this extends to all future bulk mailing lists. My programming skills are already suspect. If I have to write a filter, it will be brute-force and overly aggressive… especially I’m punchy because my body clock is on Seychelles time.
  • If something says “forward this to all your friends” pretend you don’t know me. It’s either a chain letter or an urban legend. (Please, please, please check Either way, I don’t want it.
  • An unsolicited bulk emailing conveying change in contact information is fine… in moderation. If there’s some other major personal change, e.g. “George and [you] are [getting a divorce | having a romantic spat ], and [you] need a place to stay,” you probably ought to consider a better method, like telephone. Just saying.
  • If you send me something that’s inappropriate for perusal in a conservative work environment, please label it as “not safe for work” (“NSFW” in the subject line is okay).

4 thoughts on “Seychelles time”

  1. please label it as “not safe for work”

    In-freaking-deed! Every time I accidentally click open something from a friend and am confronted with something vile and hideous (which I would certainly appreciate at home!) I always imagine myself sitting in front of a review board, sobbing hysterically, and insisting I had nothing to do with the mass emailed boobies which so recently graced my screen.

  2. There’s a virtual workmate of mine that sends out weekly YouTube links. “Spin the chamber, and click play to pull trigger”. Good luck, and thanks for playing our game”.

  3. Where is the email sign up page for getting copies of the NSFW emails you are getting??!! Now, THAT might be interesting!

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