I am a lifelong learner, eager to understand how things work.  Lately, I’ve been availing myself of the abundant free online education offerings.  I have: done splash-and-goes (seaplane “land“ings) down Lakes Sammamish, Union and Washington; made shrimp gyoza and the wrappers from scratch; photographed extreme close-ups of kitchen pantry items (like: peanuts, pinto beans, coffee grounds) using a rented macro lens; fixed leaky plumbing; knitted a scarf; replaced a clutch in my car; and bicycled across the state (multiple times).  Since 2008, I’ve been mixing this with geocaching, often while biking.  Now I’m into amateur radio.

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  1. HI Jim,
    Just a quick note to say THANKS for your website!! I cleaned the between the glass panels on my stove last night – thanks to your detailed information. It looks almost new again!
    PS – HAM radio operators are a breed of their own – my late father was one for years!

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