Major geek

This Geek Test has been going around work. At 507 questions, it’s long and, unfortunately, I’ve got the high score at 38.65878%.

There were several questions I wanted to comment on.

  • Dated a geek – Oh, mas oui! Geeky woman are wonderful.
  • Corrected a salesperson on technical specs – Uh-huh. Though sometimes I’ve sat back and learned a lot.
  • Corrected a supervisor on spelling or grammar – Yes; As detailed in my recent Live Journal, I’m going to have to edumicate a non-supervisor on the difference a hyphen will make between “resign” and “re-sign.”
  • a subscription to a sci-fi or computer magazine; an anthropological or history magazine; a nature or science magazine; a financial or literary magazine — Okay! So I like to read. Plus, I was plowing through my frequent flier remnant miles. An interesting side effect was the perpetual renewal notices when those subscriptions had only ten months remaining. For the record, I currently subscribe to: The Week, Scientific American, Wired, Consumer Reports, (Vintage) Bicycle Quarterly.
  • math/science camps, competitions, won at them – yep. And because I was upset that one couldn’t earn a “letter” (as in letter jacket) for academics, I made my own.
  • Skipped parties to read/study – I am uncomfortable in large, crowded venues.
  • Watch the Weather Channel, Discovery Channel
    This should come as no surprise at all.
  • Use 1280×1024 or higher More like 1920×1600.
  • Owned a personal domain . Obviously

6 thoughts on “Major geek”

  1. Nope. Athletics and Student Council were the only ones you could. I awarded myself a Math letter. Dang, I should have used pi or e or i

  2. Really? You couldn’t “letter” in academics? We could. I got letters for Math Team, and the letters had pi symbols embroidered on them.

    I should get two points for that. 🙂

  3. The test is obviously dated. For example, it should ask questions like “Do you have a Roomba?”

  4. The test could use consolidation. 14 percent (I don’t remember the decimal). I have not seen or read The Hobbit.

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