Meme: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

LearningNerd “tagged” me with the 5TYDKAM meme. So, here goes…

  1. In 1991, my employer asked me to help out with one of those TV news filler segments on “people who (are crazy enough to want to) bike to work.” So they’d have more than a talking head, the news reporter wanted me to ride around the parking lot while they filmed. When I went over a speed bump, the Tupperware containing my lunch came untethered from the bungee cords on my bike. Before I could turn around and pick it up off the street, a car ran over it, then kept going. That part had been edited out.
  2. Despite living in predominantly hot climates (Arizona, Texas) most of my life, I prefer the northwest’s cool weather. My current home is the longest (nine years) I’ve resided at one address.
  3. I have my share of kitchen mishaps. Few involve smoke. Many are easily recoverable. For example, I have a good eye for how many shakes of dry spices a recipe takes, so I tend not to measure the level semi-teaspoons’ worth. One evening, I opened the wrong side of the oregano shaker, dumping a half-cup of flakes into my soup. When my guests were directed into another room by my co-conspirator, I dug out as much as I could. Soup was fine.
  4. If I had my choice of super power, it would be time control. A not-so-super power I’d like to have is sleep on-demand. There’s a lot of stuff I still want to learn and do.
  5. I’m fascinated with the marketing psychology behind stuff like this and the ensuing spin. (Well, maybe it is something you already knew.)

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3 thoughts on “Meme: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me”

  1. Ben Compton

    That story (and response) about the NoKa chocolates was quite an enjoyable read. A lot of it made no sense to me, since I would eat chocolate from anyone, but MAN was that a thorough dissection of their product. Someone charging that much for a product should expect that level of scrutiny. Hyper-luxury car makers get away with it to some degree because of their pedigree, and even they only provide vehicles that cost 5x more than perhaps competitive brands (like say a Mercedes vs. a Rolls Royce, as an example made up out of thin air).

    Oh well, they’ll probably still make money from people who want something expensive and luxurious to buy with their disposable income. I would wager most of them buy the chocolate and then think the taste isn’t as good as, say, dark chocolate from Cadbury’s.

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