Makeshift memorial

My walk into work takes me across the Lenora Street pedestrian bridge, a walkway that goes under the Alaskan Way Viaduct and over the pair of railroad tracks running north-south through downtown.  To the south of the walkway, and underneath the roar of traffic on the Viaduct, is the the fourth version of fence erected by the city to discourage people from going under the bridge.

Razor fence
The fourth version of the fence, with razors replacing the barbed wire. It still doesn’t stop people.


As evidenced by the bent razors, increasing graffiti, and garbage, the city is only slowing the activity.  People sleep along the corner of the walkway, sometimes well until noon.

Residentially challenged
Residentially challenged

Later in the day, there will be piles and piles of garbage.

Garbage strewn all over
Later that day: Garbage strewn all over

An doorway to the adjacent parking garage is a river of urine.   It is an area I try to spend as little time transiting as possible.  (I will be very glad when my office moves in a few months.)

Fence from afar.
Fence from afar.

Last Wednesday morning (the 4th), I happened to see this photo and narrative taped to the base of the middle of the fence:

Christopher Lee Davis
Christopher Lee Davis

It is a picture of Christopher Lee Davis – in younger and happier times – with an orange, bottle of water, and two spent tea candles.  The white note reads:

To you, who has found this simple offering, please choose something among it to enjoy.  That is the spirit of which I Have placed it here.  It is in honor of my son, Christopher Lee Davis, who died one year ago on this ground hear of an overdose.  There is no more that I can do for him in this life than to honor the joy and beauty he brought me by trying to share something with others, whether or not you knew him is of no concern.

Please enjoy some if you choose and if possible, leave some to be enjoyed by others as well.

It would be a great honor for as many souls as possible to share in this simple offering for Christopher, my beautiful and only child.  I do have a favor to ask and that is for those of you who find this to please leave these little things of his here in memory of him today, Tuesday, March 3, 2015.  I am unable to be here to light this candle, so if someone would light this candle here on this spot for Chistopher at night fall, it would mean very much to me.  Thank you.

Because the name is so common, I have had little success finding anything specific about him.  I feel very sad for the parents.

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  1. One more thing,

    If you could, would you post the a pic of what the interior of the little write-up next to Christopher’s picture said, the one in the folded paper. I could only read a bit, but it seems that his parents wanted to tell people what Christopher was like, and maybe hope his story would help others.

    If you have a pic of what it said, and you feel it’s appropriate, please post it here when you get a chance.

    If you do not have a pic, please do not go back under the bridge, if you were one of my younger family members, I’d REALLY not want you to be walking under bridges…not because of fear of those who are without homes, but more so because of people who are unsavory–regardless of what’s in their wallet, it just seems like a place for an opportunist to commit a crime against a stranger, again, not those without homes, I just mean ANY HUMAN BEING with not so savory motivations.

    Much love to you Jim for your kind posting of a total stranger’s makeshift memorial!

    (The Not so Super) Super J 🙂

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