Setting up FT8

(Updated 2022-03-08: links to JT-Alert tutorial, K4 setup tutorial; added links to Meinberg NTP and Grid Tracker; updated screenshots of PSK Reporter & WSJTX 2.5.4) Download and install the latest distribution from the WSJT-X project page. The documentation is well-written and useful. Please, pretty please, verify your system clock is set accurately. Seriously. The FT8 […]

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Fun with FT8

(For setting up FT8, go here.) Setting up WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporting) was done in preparation for playing with the two-way digital communication modes. The set I was initially aiming for is JT9/JT65, named after Joe Taylor, for very short messages that can be received far away, in noisy conditions. What makes this work

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