Tape Art

Step 1: Find the vacuum cleaner. (It’s in the bedroom. No, the other bedroom.  Maybe the study?  Oh, wait, that’s right, I was vacuuming the garage carpets out – look there.)

Step 1: Find the vacuum cleaner

Step 2: Buy plastic film (not shown) and packing tape in Costco quantities. (1 CEU = five miles.)

Lots o' Tape

Step 3: Wrap vacuum in plastic film so it doesn’t spoil.

Wrap vacuum in plastic

Step 4: Wrap plastic film with packing tape. Men: try not to get tape on your hairy forearms!

Wrap plastic film with packing tape

Step 5: Mold the edges for authentic look.

Step 5: Mold the edges

Step 6: Take “before” photo for future blog entry.

Step 6a: take photo

Step 7: Gently cut the cast.

Step 7: Cut the cast

Step 8: Tape seam, admire handiwork. Lightest… vacuum… ever… and unencumbered by the need for disposable bags. Or electricity. Or breakable belts.

Step 8: Admire handiwork

Step 9: Sell faux vacuum on eBay for a million, jillion dollars. Quit day job.

Step 9: Profit!

Step 10: Find other things to wrap! (Besides the girl!)

Step 10: Find other things to wrap

Since tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, the vacuum will mysteriously appear in the middle of my front lawn, underneath the banana tree. Tropical weather is a state of mind! (Flickr gallery.)


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  1. I’m so totally digging art night! Thank you for the big smile.

    [wanders off wondering if I could use this technique to reduce kitty shedding moments]

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