2023 Wrapped

Geocaching just sent a nice “wrap” of my 2023 activity (which I don’t remember them doing last year) that was fun to reflect on. It also became obvious how much of my activity has changed.

Using Project-GC, this is my monthly activity over the last eight years:

Quick observations:

  • There’s a pretty huge shift from pre-covid (right half) to post-covid (left-half), as I have been unable to get out with friends.
  • From 2018 through part of 2019, I was trying to do a geocaching “streak,” whereby I’d go out every day and find a cache. It gets brutal as I’d be finding all the caches I’d otherwise ignore just to appease some arbitrary metric.
  • Each year has had a spike of activity around travel taken.
  • My activity has been declining, which I think is a sign of clearing out nearby things to find. After all, I’m in Year 16 of geocaching.
Iceland: Check! I did a geo-trail around the Reykjanes peninsula, also a lot of wandering around Reykjavik.
And of course, lots of site-seeing in Prague. Maybe one day I’ll finish Prague Part 2 post.

Spotify also published a “Wrapped” thing that is a lot of fun, as depicted by the time-tested Hamburger Chart. Interestingly, the proportion of Rock “burger” to Indie Folk “tomato” and Stomp and Holler “pickles and cheese” is what I prefer:

Hamburger chart of genres including Indy Folk, Stomp and Holler, Rock, Folk Pop and CHamber Pop.

I suppose the encouraging thing is I listened to nearly 1,000 different artists during the year. I’d never heard of Low prior to the Rick Beato mention after the passing of Mimi Parker (at only 55!)

Tool Schism
Low – Lullaby
Radical Face – Secrets (Cellar Door)