Prague Trip – Part 2

Belatedly following up with Part 1, my remaining time Prague had a day-trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Bastei Bridge, and a lot of geocaching throughout the city. (Prague geocachers bring their A-game. I went home finding 132 caches in Iceland, 71 in Czechia and 5 in Germany.) To blow through my remaining CZK, I made a trip to a grocery store and bought enough candy and beer that I needed a second suitcase.

Day 3: Day Tour

Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland
So many options…

The essential itinerary:

Scary stump embedded in rock
The largest sandstone arch in Europe
I love the pictograph

The out and back is pretty enough and, I suppose, romantic.

Romance on the Kamince

Once done, we uphill trek back, and boy was it vigorous. The mom and daughter had informed our guide that they had an important appointment in Prague and needed to get back. To his credit, he did look at options for them, but concluded that broaching this so late in the day was a dick move, and he gently told them so. Short of bringing everyone back, there was no train that would get them to Prague by their appointment. (All of us were secretly fist pumping.)

From here, we drove into Germany where, at the border, we were stopped by customs who were being moderately aggressive in their use of authority. One seemed to be trying to provoke our tour guide into giving him an excuse to use excessive force. Passports were taken, scanned, etc. About 25 minutes later, we were free to go.

The gentle touch of German customs was forgiven when we got to Basteibrucke. Weather had improved, and this place was gorgeous.

This was a beautiful way to cap off the day. I’d like to think that, because I was the least maintenance of the attendees, he chose to drop me off first.

Prague Castle, lit up at night.

Day 4 – All about the Geocache

Today was all about geocaching. I got up really early and headed across the Charles Bridge before it got crowded. For most of the mourning, I visited high-favorite point ones along the more crowded tourist sites. Below are a a few samples: a fake log on the back of a tree in a park; a small container tethered to the side of one of many bridges crossing the Vlatava, and the in-plain-view cache near the National Museum. Two of these had padlocks whose combos were posted in the description, but are otherwise designed to blend in very well.

One of the weirder sites I came across was this “Robotic Bar.” Lots of weird neon directs you to a set of tablet devices where you can have a drink mixed by a robotic arm. It struck me as very silly.

Robotic Bar…

Day 5: Letna Park

For my last day, more geocaching through Letna Park. I took the tram up so I could enjoy the downhill walk caching. After cleaning up back in my hotel room, I headed out to a grocery store to expend my exchange Czech currency for chocolate and Czech beer, as I had eaten through most of my Icelandic stash from all the walking.

Upon my return, I learnt a few important lessons: 1) Czech “spa wafers” (the big disc on the top left of the photo) are good, but their chocolate is not. 2) The Czech beer I selected and painstakingly took through three international airports is, in fact, readily available from my local Total Beer and Wine for about the same price I paid, and does not need to be toted through security and customs.