(Header image: Funplings) With the pandemic, and terrible weather, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. I recently completed Severance, on Apple TV. Hoo-boy, this was amazing enough that I’ve rewatched it a few more times. Beautiful cinematography, compelling story, well-acted, and just enough realism to make it spooky. Five stars. Really looking forward to […]

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I’m a pretty huge fan of The Expanse, having read the first three books, listened to the audio books narrated by Jefferson Mays, watched its first three seasons a few times, added Belter easter-eggs to internal company email, and adorning my laptop with MCRN and Remember the Cant stickers. The TV show is gorgeous in

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These are the Voyages

We watched last night’s Enterprise double-header. The first episode, “Terra Prime,” was great. Peter Weller was chilling in his conviction, and the tear-jerker ending showed why Conner Trinnear’s “Tucker” is the best regular character (with “Phlox” as a close second). The only thing really missing was a red shirt for the infiltrator. You know, just

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Star Trek Captains?

It’s not exactly a plot twist, because I don’t really have a plot, but my characters have lost interest in the road trip and are debating the the managerial styles of the captains — Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko, and Archer. This spilled over into opinions of their respective overall series, first officers, bridge crew, and

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