Star Trek Captains?

It’s not exactly a plot twist, because I don’t really have a plot, but my characters have lost interest in the road trip and are debating the the managerial styles of the captains — Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko, and Archer. This spilled over into opinions of their respective overall series, first officers, bridge crew, and an interesting comparison of context, e.g., what would Kirk have done in Janeway’s situation?

Although I’m interested in where this is going — so far there’s concensus that Garak (DS9), Phlox (Enterprise) and Data (TNG) are/were great characters (one dissented on Spock) — I hope they’ll get this out of their system soon. Only eleven days left.

Kirk might try brute force to persuade them to do something. Jean-Luc would negotiate. Sisko would…