Author: wt8p

Bellevue to work

I had to drop off my spouse’s car for two recalls and an oil change. The folks at the dealer are really nice, but I would be hard pressed to buy a GM product again. This one has had several recalls: starter (can cause fire), suspension (can lock up the steering wheel), airbag (random detonation), among others. In addition, there […]

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Chilly Hilly 2003

Rode the Chilly Hilly. Glorious day, with a lot of last-minute registrants. I wasn’t sure what kind of traffic to expect, and parked at work rather than near the ferry dock. They had a lot of last-minute registrants, and the stops tended to be picked over by the time I got to them. One problem with a ride like this […]

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I hate the short winter days. I woke up late and wanted to do a local ride just to get out. Parked at the Target in Issaquah and just meandered around. Lakemont looked interesting, and turned out to be very hilly, with a nice 800′ climb. After the hill was a nice, gentle downhill along farms. Very pretty. 22.o miles, […]

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