is the official FTC site where one can register to “opt out” of telemarketing phone calls. It’s a nice idea, but done the wrong way.

7/27/2003 22:18:23

Suppose I designed a system such that I would come into your house and rifle through your refrigerator unless you called a special number opting out. You could register via my web site, but you’d have to supply an email address to confirm you’re actually opting out of this. After all, we don’t want other people to fraudently deprive you of this exciting and unique opportunity.

The mechanism to take you off the fridge list works like this: every quarter I download a “do not rifle” list. I’m obliged to remove everyone on this list from my list. (Or, easier still, I could assume that if you’re not on this list, you must want me to rifle…)

There are couple of obvious loopholes. First, there’s the “previous relationship” option… even if you’re on the do not call list, I can still call you if we’ve had a previous relationship. For example, I saw Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon starred in the movie Quicksilver, where he played a bike messenger, you’ve ridden a bike. Nous sommes comme des fr

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  1. Another problem is that it’s just as easy to remove someone from as it is to add someone. A telemarketer can remove your name from the do not call list by using their email address with your phone number.

  2. I want to be taken off the list so I do not get any more telemarketing phone calls and e-mails. If this is the wrong web site for this, please e-mail me and tell me. Thank-you, Barry Geller

  3. A few people have written in the comments section requesting that I opt them out. Since Legs & Carole Labbe of Ft. Kent, ME, left a phone number, I took the liberty of registering them with However I’m not the one in charge of

  4. Johnnie Masterson

    I do not want any more telemarketing phone calls and emails I want to be taken off all listings



  6. Rhonda Otiker

    I think the do not call lists will be excellent. I for one hate to receive telemarketing calls. Just because I order something from them once does not mean I wish to be pestered for the next two years about ordering another, newer release that their company is offering. If I wanted an newer one I would order it. It is a breach of my privacy to be called by unsolicited telemarketers.

  7. Marie Simpson

    Rhonda: When you order from a vendor, you have a “prior business relationship,” which implicitly lets them off the hook for contacting you in the future. It’s less clear if, say, ordering a dress from Sears means that Sears’ vinyl siding subsidiary can’t contact you.
    – MS

  8. Marcia Rood

    Telamakers are polluting the phone lines causing
    me to screen all my calls. Please remove my name
    from the list so I can have to freedom to answer my phone again.

  9. Edward Klotz

    I registered for the donotcall on june 27,2003 with 3 phone numbers. I have a print out of the verification of registration complete on all 3 numbers. since October1, I have gotten more then normal telemarket calls. I then did a verify on all 3 numbers at the do not call site. 2 of them are ok, but the main number apparently has been removed, or not posted into the registry to begin with. This is the first place I have found to even complain about it. I did re-register the number again. Now it won’t take effect for 3 months. What is to prevent it from happening again, and how can I find out how it may have been removed. Any input would be appreaciated. Thank you

  10. The status of is currently in legal question. Please see the official web site at:
    There is a thorough explanation at Findlaw
    Without knowing more specifics, there also many flaws in the system. You could be receiving calls based upon a pre-existing business relationship to a marketing partner. It would also behoove you to use some of the suggestions noted above like contacting the DMA to be taken off their list or asking the specific telemarketer to take you off their list.

  11. I do not want to be called from telemarketing.
    Thanks 417-332-1240 Please let me know if you removed me.

  12. I have found the most effective way to get off mailing lists for crediet cards, etc. is to mail everything back to them in their own self addressed, stamped envelope with the words TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST written across the front. Very effective. I’ve even considered getting a ribber stamp. If I’m having a really bad day I’ll add something to the envelope, since they have to pay by weight. An added benefit, it’s very cathartic.

  13. Over the last few years companies have got around the do not call lists. They have either a “restricted” or an “unavailable” number call you. In the last two years this has happened to me over 200 times, all times of night and day. The phone company says it can not do anything. The FTC. needs a number to “GO after”.
    What is I can now do?
    Is the phone company enabling these companies?

  14. I tryed to put my phone number on your do not call list.and I put my e mail address all correct,but it will not except my e mail address…why?,,I checked it four times and it is my e mail address but you wont except it…HELP…[email protected]

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