Been pretty busy at work this week. Three weeks until RSVP. Stephen R. Husak posted a personal account on the Seattle to Portland ride. (EOM)

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Tour de Blast

When I was working the rides booth at the Seattle Bike Expo, I was looking for an event that would be physically demanding but fun. Initially, RAMROD seemed like a great option, however that sold out. Tour de Blast sounded intriguing because it was an out and back on roads leading to Mt. St. Helens.

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Bike to Work Challenge

Friday was the last of the Bike to Work Challenge, which tries to extend the Bike To Work Day beyond a day. We fielded four teams from work. There were ten on my team, only seven rode during any given week. Although the final rankings won’t be posted for a few weeks, my team did

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Hilly and Hot

For the last few weeks I’ve been doing the Bike To Work Challenge with a group of coworkers, thus most of my riding has been the commute during the week. Tour de Blast is coming up in a soon and I needed to get some hill climbing in. Thus, I did my first non-commute ride

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