Tuesday Point Five

This is a blatant rip off from Sean, who is much cooler than me.

  1. How much time do you spend online each day? Too much. I surf & answer personal mail for about 45 minutes in the morning. I’m online at work for about 10 hours a day. Once my wife/kids go to bed, I spend another hour (or more) reading mail, blogs, etc.
  2. What is your browser homepage set to? about:blank Even at work, I don’t like the extra load time.
  3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? No. I hate being interrupted.
  4. Where was your first webpage located? In late 1994 I created a web page on my netcom account for Tivoli, my (then) employer. We were trying to persuade the powers-that-be that the Internet might be have some practical business applications beyond FTP. I maintained a support FAQs for our distributed systems management software, a list of bike rides in the Austin area, and recommended realtors and home inspectors. I have been online since 1986. Prior exploits include maintaining the alt.guitar.tab archive at the U of Nevada plus numerous posts to USENET in the 1988-1994 timeframe.
  5. How long have you had your current website? Technically, since 1999, when it was a synonym for cleanliving.com, my original personal site. I set up cleanliving.com in 1996 because I was tired of sending out blanket emails each time I changed an ISP and/or employer. It’s been nothing other than a hobby site for consistent email, baby photos and occasional resume. I just sold cleanliving.com to someone whom I hope will do more with it than me.

Please feel free to suggest more questions. Anyone? Anyone?