My aching knees

Sunday’s ride was the fastest I’ve ridden in about 12 years. I tried bike-commuting on Tuesday and reduced my morning commute time to just over 1:30, which is about 1/2 hour less than when I started a year ago. Coming home, my knees started to hurt and for most of the week, they’ve been very […]

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A cycling paradise

One reason I love living here in the northwest is the abundance of bike lanes, bike trails, and people who are generally okay with cyclists. It’s a huge improvement over what we had in the city of Houston, though I do miss the Houston Bicycle Club’s categorization system. One-way distance is just under 19 miles,

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Conway to La Conner

Sunday’s ride was near La Conner, 60 miles north of Seattle, a large farming area, known best for the tulips festival in April. In the 12 years since I’ve visited, the there’s been consolidation of farms and several have gone away. The two remaining ones are Roozengarde and Tulip Town, and have more formal parking

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Daffodil Classic

Sunday, April 13th, was the Daffodil Classic, one of three ride events hosted by the Tacoma Wheelmen Bicycle Club, the oldest cycling club in the country. Because the ride was going to officially start at 7:00 a.m., I tossed all my cycling toys (and the bike) in the car the night before. I had a

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Bellevue to work

I had to drop off my spouse’s car for two recalls and an oil change. The folks at the dealer are really nice, but I would be hard pressed to buy a GM product again. This one has had several recalls: starter (can cause fire), suspension (can lock up the steering wheel), airbag (random detonation),

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Chilly Hilly 2003

Rode the Chilly Hilly. Glorious day, with a lot of last-minute registrants. I wasn’t sure what kind of traffic to expect, and parked at work rather than near the ferry dock. They had a lot of last-minute registrants, and the stops tended to be picked over by the time I got to them. One problem

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