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Plumbing repair and the male species

A couple of months ago I was working down my “Honey-Do” list when I got to the last insult: fix the leaking downstairs toilet. The Joe Bob Briggs Summary of this story would sound like: Plumbing-Fu, Gratuitous Multiple Trips to Home Depot, Cussin’, Gratuitous Water Spraying, Teflon Tape-Fu, and Tool Tossing. Three stars, check it out.

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Tour de Peaks

Today’s event was Tour de Peaks, a local event held in association with Railroad Days celebration in Snoqualmie, WA. This is the second year I’ve used it as a warm-up to R.S.V.P., which I’ll be doing this Friday.

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Ted is not 100% human

The Seattle PI recently wrote about the disappearance of “A day in the life of” blog from someone named “Ted” on my employer’s recruiting site. Among the more interesting revelations was a quote from an unnamed sources that the tone of Ted’s writing was “not 100% human.” To assist with the investigation, I’ll answer some questions based on my special […]

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