Scary toys

My daughter received a talking “Cat in the Hat” for her birthday. It initially looked really cool: it reads The Cat In The Hat to your kids.

The story is broken up into minute-ish sections. When each one is done, your child has to squeeze the doll’s paw for it to continue. Okay so far…
Unfortunately, the narrator has a really strong NY accent. If the child doesn’t press the paw or loses interest, it suggests doing it. There’s something about the accent that makes me think it’s going to drop a series of f-bombs any moment.

After listening to it a little while, my daughter found the packing
box, put the doll in it, nervously taped it shut, then asked my wife to put it
in the garage. I put it in my car for a while to amuse myself on days I drive in. A few weeks later, the kids saw it in my car and wanted to play with it. Fifteen minutes later, I noticed it was back in the box

3 thoughts on “Scary toys”

  1. Maybe when the new Cat in the Hat movie comes out they’ll market some less threatening Seuss toys. Mike Myers voice probably won’t scare the bejebus out of your poor kids. 🙂

  2. One can hope. We’ve not had particularly good luck with animatronic toys – either the kids are afraid of them or they play them over and over and over and over and over, really loud. There was one particularly obnoxiously loud toy that broke. My daughter thinks I have supernatural electronics skills and asked me to fix it. I jokingly suggested I could fix it with a hammer. Elated, she proudly ran to my wife and told her that I offered to “fix it with a hammer.” Mom was not amused.

  3. My young sister recieved a talking barney for christmas one year.
    It was deffective and talked at random times usually during the night. The glowing eyes and garbled voice were more than my young sister could handle.
    Ha ha ha ha

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