Dear driver who spun out in front of me this morning,

You are a moron on a public roadway, not a professional driver on a closed course.  It’s icy.  Your SUV won’t stop faster. Hang up your cell phone.  Slow down. Learn how to drive.

Much love,


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4 thoughts on “Northwest”

  1. I think there’s a high correlation between drivers who have studded tires and drivers who have no idea to drive on snow/slush/ice.

  2. I’m so glad that currently I only have a 2.5 mile commute from home to where I work (and need to start riding a lot more in 2008) and I’m glad that I didn’t encounter anyone like that but definitely I was driving slower due to the uncertain conditions than others I saw.

  3. The whole cellphone-in-the-car thing is REALLY pissing me off. These people go 15mph slower than traffic, don’t go on green lights, or run red lights. Whenevern I see a moron in traffic I always make a point to see if they are on the phone – they are 90% of the time.

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