Year in Review

1Q 2007:
Traveled to: Reno, Trondheim, San Diego.
Ride: RACMOD with John, Claire and David.

Did the polar bear plunge. Blizzard. Turned forty (my “permanent record” didn’t come back to haunt me, though it occasionally taunts me). Finished knitting my scarf. Pleased that Woodstock has joined and is enjoying 43things.

2Q 2007:
Traveled to: Pendleton and Portland.
Rides: Century Ride of the Centuries, Wenatchee Apple Century

Finally bought a new bike. My KitchenAid broke, was fixed, then was tricked out. Assisted in a science project. Enjoyed an afternoon with Kiri. Met Scout and Jarrett.
3Q 2007:
Traveled to: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Atlanta, Tucson and Phoenix.
Rides: RAPSODY, Tour de Whidbey

Saw a bunch of great Shakespeare in the Park. Met Leo Stone. Also saw Rod and Molly on RAPSODY. Entrepreneurship seminar. Saw the beginning of the Mariners’ slide into defeat. Camped twice at Deception Pass.

4Q 2007:
Traveled to: Chicago, San Francisco

Learned Factoria’s walkability index is nearly 3x my neighborhood’s. Attended the American Geophysical Union fall meeting. (It was awesome.) Achieved my cycling goal in the nick of time. Built a TV-zapper. Shipped two products before Christmas. (wohoo!)

Inspired by John, I present lots of geeky cycling stats follow below the fold.

Cycling: 175 days biked, 5,059 miles (1,259 on the Friday, 3,800 on the Cannondale), 51.8 miles ascent, 25 flats.

Damage: one broken wheel, eight tires (the Continental Grand Prix 4000s are shard magnets. Half of my flats were on those tires.), two sets of brake pads, one chain, dozens of zip ties, one cyclecomputer. I didn’t track tubes or patch kits. With the new bike, I tossed tubes before the fourth patch. (The ‘Friday tubes were harder to get, so I’d toss them before the sixth.)

# of rides
Dry: 91
Wet roads: 21
Light rain: 39
Heavy rain: 22
Snow: 2
Temperature on ride # of rides< 30: 930 – 40: 2040 – 50: 5250 – 60: 3760 – 70: 2570 – 80: 20

80 – 90: 10

> 90: 2

Percentage of rides and miles based on day of week. Conclusion: I do a heck of a lot of commuting. When I do have an opportunity to ride on weekends, I ride well.

Day of week

Distribution of weather, temperature, and flats by month:

2007 breakout

From this, it appears I’d average 202 miles between flats. Subtracting the Continental Grand Prix tires, it’s closer to 460 miles. My flats are nearly always glass or wire and (except for this year) occur more in the rainy months.

5 thoughts on “Year in Review”

  1. Woodstock: I made a bunch of scatter diagrams, too, but decided that would be too over-the-top, even for me 😉

  2. Over the top…from a man who figured out how many cans of shaving cream it would take to fill up his own car? Never I say!

    And don’t you think it would be nice to have a literal permanent record to remind us of the things we may have forgotten?

  3. The charts aren’t nearly as awesome as the faithfulness required to record all the data behind them. Last year I sorta tracked my miles – my cyclometer is still on the fritz, so a good quarter of them were estimates. I can easily imagine the data analysis effort – what is unimaginable for me is the data collection.

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