Friday linkery

The Outlook “inbox” at work represents things I haven’t processed (responded to, deleted, filed). I’ve been aggressively working to keep it below 20 items, but inevitably after a trip, it bumps back up. It’s above 50, and increasing. This really bugs me, but as I’m pretty exhausted from 2 months of busting the product release out the door, I’ve been unmotivated to work on it after hours. If it hits 200 — which is unlikely, since I’ll probably feel guilty when I break double-digits and work it down over a Sunday — I may need to use the nuclear option: an “Outlook crash.”

To offset some punchiness  about this — but not actually doing anything about it — I mocked up “localized” startup banners… just in case we start selling native Klingon. PhotoShop spoofery can lift the spirits!

Otherwise, yesterday evening I caught up on the reading for the online class I’m auditing. Mental note: give the amazon seller a non-perfect rating for slow delivery of the text book.

When that was done, I fiddled online, catching up with blogs and re-discovering the highly-addictive Pandora (flash required) free streaming music. The link is for a set of songs I’ve liked. If you just go to the main site, type in your favorite group or song, rate three or four of the ones that follow, and see how well it does for you. Unlike my Tivo, it allows for completely independent play lists. Thus, an occasional indulgence in the musical guilty pleasure-equivalents of “The A Team” or “American Gladiators” won’t tarnish the likelihood I’ll get the musical equivalents of my fare-equivalent, “Mini Medical School,” “Mythbusters” or “How It’s Made.”

There are several reasons I haven’t set up a Facebook account, including the perception that the experience would be a lot like being continuously hounded and “poked” by this lady at the Internets Party.
Bonus video: What the show 24 might have been like had it been made in 1994.

onus time waster:

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  1. I would always cringe when I saw outlook inboxes with several thousand messages, or even tens of thousands of messages. My OCD doesn’t allow it.

  2. gimme your OWA address and your sign-in info, and I’ll help you out of this mess (delete, delete, delete…and so on) Problem fixed. 🙂

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