Luggage tag

Luggage tag And on the bag

Scott gave me this awesome luggage tag to complement the Hello Kitty bag.  Now I need to find a business trip!

Thanks, John, for bearing with me as I iterated through: “Did that work?”  “How about now?”  “That help?” while diagnosing my TV antenna blog feed.

The problem started a few weeks ago when I was looking for was to make my site play nice with my ISP.   I had disabled a bunch of utility plugins, but reasoned that since WordPress generates pages (mostly) dynamically, it would make sense to revisit MovableType, whose model is to generate pages at publish time.

I imported the WordPress-specific entries into my Ye Olde MovableType blog.  It worked, and I was able to update my old archive index.  Just in case someone wanted to compare cereal or learn the results of my first ever Weather Rodeo.  (Totally random side note: Steve Pool and the awesome Scott Sistek have a great book on weather forecasting and especially the Northwest.)

I hit “publish” and MovableType happily generated a million jillion pages.  It took frickin’ long enough, but worked.  When I was done, I flipped it back over to WordPress.  Pages loaded in the new motif.  l33t!

I first noticed a feed problem when I saw duplicate posts appearing on ravelry then later on the Google Reader feed of the feed of my blog feed.  With the multiple indirections, it was easy to see MovableType created various formats (atom, rss, rss2, opml) in the /feed/   Deleting individual files mostly helped, but I needed a visit from the clue fairy to realize I had to delete the entire /feed directory.  Viola!

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  1. I was thinking that if you post your shoe and clothing sizes, your readers could probably come up with many more Hello Kitty accessories for your little ensemble!

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