Don’t Scrum me, Bro

I hate the name “Scrum” as in “Agile software development with a scrum master.” It just sounds too much like “scum” or “slurm.” Slurm-master. Ewwww…

The role has been described to me as “one who removes road blocks,” so naturally, when I first saw this month’s IEEE Spectrum cover, I immediately realized that applying a black marker to the “pe” and “t” would leave us with Spectrum. A coworker did the minor PhotoShop triage to put the letters next together.

And now we have the magazine for Scrum masters who need to pack a little extra “persuasion.” Leave a few of these covers around the office, play with the safety during “status meetings,” and you’ll see how quickly problems resolve themselves.



5 thoughts on “Don’t Scrum me, Bro”

  1. Dave Taflin

    Awesome! Any other implements of persuasion I can use as Scrum master?

  2. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at IEEE Spectrum. It looks like they’ve been kind of PopSci-ing it up. Any articles on flying cars yet?

  3. Laurel – it certainly has that PopSci look to it. I should check the advertisements in the back for the flying car plans.

    The sad thing is I have — or had, before I cleaned my desk last week — a year’s subscription’s worth of issues stacked up. I don’t recall them being as in-your-face as this, e.g., I think they talk mostly of multi-core processors and security and such.

  4. That’s great! They are pushing scrum on my new project. I might have to print out that “cover” and bring it to the next scrum session.

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