I set up awstats to enable displaying the title of a page next to the hit count. This is much easier than trying to remember /a/000148.shtml is the thing I wrote about dropping coins off buildings.

I noticed that my

“lists” category page gets a lot of activity despite no update in nearly six months. Oh, if I had only known… For those of random visitors who have been disappointed at the scandalous lack of listage, I hope this will help:

Careers For Me When I Finally Say “Bugger off” to High Tech:

  1. Blimp/Zeppelin pilot.
  2. Appliance Repairman.
  3. Zamboni driver.
  4. Licensed Defenestrator.
  5. Discussion thread killer / cheese slicer (tie)

Worst flavors of ice cream. Ever.

  1. Chicken mint.
  2. Aspirinberry.
  3. Scrap metal nut crunch.
  4. Rocky roadkill.
  5. American Innovations: Twinkies, Wonderbread and Spam.

Childrens’ Books That Are Good For At Least 200 Readings:

  1. Cat in the Hat
  2. My Father’s Dragon
  3. Charlotte’s Web
  4. James and the Giant Peach
  5. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Top five excuses for being late:

  1. Freak gardening accident. Don’t ask.
  2. Trying to get out of orkut jail all morning.
  3. Those meddling kids and that large dog…
  4. Waiting for eBay feedback to be left.
  5. Spewed milk after reading Debbie’s latest trevails, spewed milk on shirt. My washer is staging a sympathy outage.

Top five names for orkut groups:

  1. Recreational Swearing
  2. Thread killer — someone, like me, who has a knack for killing any discussion once I post my $.02.
  3. (parenthetical aside) — for people who write about one topic (like weather), then get distracted with something else (like fungi, which are pretty cool once you start looking at them (for example, did you know yeast (used in brewing and bread) is a fungi?) objectively.
  4. Baby Animals With Lasers — orkut has a ton of the silly laser communities. This one had the best picture.
  5. Explaining Things Really Badly

Please feel free to suggest more list ideas, I’ll take care of the rest

2 thoughts on “Listmania”

  1. Hmm…

    [open 1]like fungi, which are pretty cool once you start looking at them
         [open 2]for example, did you know yeast
              [open 3]used in brewing and bread[close 3]
         is a fungi?[close 2]

    Parse error; compile halted 🙂

    I guess everything you type from now on will be parenthetical!

  2. the scary part is i think parenthetically. (i do wonder how many people i confused with the banana reference a few days ago.)

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