Kitchenaid in progress

I repaired the broken gear and replaced the two electrical components. Saturday, I took apart the base and bowl holder to paint them. For bizarre reasons, the canary yellow with a black stripe down the middle was very appealing. I did part of the bowl holder, the tail cone and (though you can’t see it in the photo) the planetary assembly in white. The auto parts store had a variety of thin decal trim in a variety of colors. Since I’m trying to keep this on the cheap, I picked up a roll of teeny red flames. Sometime this week I’ll add the decal. I also have some small containers of enamel (red, bronze and green) that I can use for accents.

And, stating the obvious, yes, I am making this up as I go along… 🙂

The base
Bowl holder
Tail cone
Mostly assembled

3 thoughts on “Kitchenaid in progress”

  1. You will be adding the CarsonAid logo at the top Or Jim Mix A Lot Or Whip Me Up, Jimmy Or … ok, but seriously, you must personalized… The yellow rocks and this whole project is craking me up. I wanna say Goodwill called and they are so pissed about not getting a broken Kichenaid mixer…

  2. I am permitted to be jealous am I not? Not only do you have the mixer, but you went all handy and fixed it, and now you’re gonna have hot rod flames. Man! You get all the good stuff!

  3. Oh man that reminds me so much of Alton Brown’s mixer and the yellow with the black stripe design reminds me a little of Daisy Duke’s Plymouth Road Runner from the Dukes of Hazzard. Way to go. It’s starting to inspire me to give mine a nice paint job.

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