It has begun

In anticipation of our kitchen being demolished for a three-week remodeling project, we’ve done some rearrangement of the furniture with an air for practicality.  First, the refrigerator has been relocated to the living room, eliminating that long trek for beer between football plays.

Instead of having to hunt for items behind the pantry doors, we’re using open shelving.  It’s all about accessibility.  (The poster is an added convenience in case we forget how to cook before this is all finished.)  Pasta: check.  Costco-sized bags of raisins: check.  Jars of salsa: check.  Tub of Gatorade mix: you know it.

Nothing says classy like sagging plastic bins holding random kitchen utensils and plastic cutlery.

Beneath the table is convenient storage.  Boxes are from free-range cardboard farms.  (The box on the top, right contains no fewer than four sizes of batteries.)

My word, this looks just like my first undergraduate apartment, only with twice as much space.

1 thought on “It has begun”

  1. Looks like if you swapped the position of the fridge and the couch would wouldn’t even need to leave your seat.

    Our kitchen is about to get refilled. We’ve been living off our back deck for the last three weeks.

    Good luck!

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