Interloper update

Interloper update: we caught two in January. Another was trapped in March, indicative of a new hole (now fixed). Since then, there’s been no new activity in the crawlspace. In July, a fourth one made an ill-timed visit to the bait trap, only to have the next door neighbors’ cat go medieval on it. The cat received extra salmon that day.

I’ve avoided the cleanup for nearly nine months. However, this weekend I am renting a dumpster, donning my Junior Hazmat Deputy outfit and removing the dookified insulation.

4 thoughts on “Interloper update”

  1. You know, I don’t even know what the Peloton is but I do know a bad pun when I see one. Good luck with the insulation removal. Remember, those 3/$5.99 fume masks…worth every penny.

  2. Peloton (courtesy Sheldon Brown): A densely packed group of (bicycle) riders, sheltering in each others’ draft. In a mass-start (bicycle) race, most of the competitors usually end up in one large peloton for most of the race. The word is French, from a term that means rolled up in a ball.

    Sorry to be arcane.

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