Halfway done

While watching bits of this weekend’s NFL playoff games this weekend, I worked on my scarf.   At the rate it’s going, I should be finished by next weekend’s games, just in time for the cold weather to abate. Or so I can hope. This “Fahrenheit 15.4” stuff is getting tiresome. I’m looking forward to our weather getting back to the light rain and mid-40s.

My trip to Norway appears to be on for the middle of next month. I may just have to burn a vacation day or two to see the greater Trondheim area. Especially this.

2 thoughts on “Halfway done”

  1. Wow! That’s gorgeous! Keep up that knitting — you could definitely use the scarf in Norway. 🙂

    Wow, a *bicycle* lift?! I look forward to your pictures.

  2. Thank you! My goal is to have one that’s as long as I am tall. As of this evening, I’ve got another foot to go. I’m “on track,” as they say.

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