Fort Worth

Last week was my first time visiting Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex’s better half. When I had the opportunity to be outside (80°F and sunny, in April!), I wandered around downtown, letting the numerous virtual geocaches guide my travels. (All photos, except the USPS one, are mine. Click to embiggen.)

This mural (a block over), is typical of the cowboy/cattle theme:

Chisholm Trail mural

Near the Tarrant County Courthouse is a fountain dedicated to Judge Jonathan Young Hogsett (1843-1901) who “watered his horse here.”

Tarrant County

One of the more interesting virtual cache concepts had me looking up at the many cool things well-above street level, trying to find the buildings with a particular feature. This is the Knights of Pythias Castle Hall. It’s very out-of-place so close to the Stockyards:


While walking around, I noticed other examples, like the cowboy riding a giant, bucking Chia pet:

Cowboy on roof (This is near the Sundance Square area of downtown where there’s a lot of restaurants and clubs and stuff.)

Check out the detail on the pillars of the US Post Office (photo from: John Roberts):

My favorite works were these ladies:

Horn Players

The panther heads the second floor of this building near Panther City Park are kind of interesting:

Panther heads

Before leaving, I visited the “Save the Future” memorial to Fort Worth’s Fire Fighters:

Save the Future

I had a lot of fun taking in the history and art.  If I go back, I’ll make use of John Roberts’ walking tours as there is a lot more.

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