Peace Sign Series

Whew! 80.62 miles driven, 8 1/2 hours geocaching with JustMike & hydnsek, 43 puzzle caches* in the series, plus a couple of others along the way.

*Puzzle caches aren’t at their listed locations (hence the puzzle), so no scuba diving of Lake Washington was necessary.  The actual distribution of caches looked more like this:

Since we’re east-siders, we started in Kirkland, working on the 21 caches on our side of Lake Washington.  These were pretty spread out and, surprisingly, in mostly unpleasant locations.   I was glad I was doing this with others.

After lunch, we headed over to the Seattle side.  We’d run into other cachers (aviatrix22 and grossi) who said some of the Seattle caches were in high-end neighborhoods where they felt a little out of exposed.  We did these first, then concentrated on the cluster of caches along a well-known public access trail.  These were nice because we could park and pick up a few before moving along.   (To be honest, I was really wishing I had my bike.)

These went much faster.  Group adrenaline started kicking in as the list got down below five caches.  Then, soon thereafter, we had the secret code for the final, in a truly wonderful location that eased some of the earlier ivy wall grabs.

Overall, a lot of fun.  This was the most caches I’ve done in a day.  It was also the first time I’d done any substantial caching with others – it was a lot more fun that way. As for the series, I liked the puzzle aspect.  I was hoping the placements would have formed some other interesting shape (perhaps a local version of LA’s smile series I tried last September?).


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