Blast from the past

While rummaging through my study looking for an old tax return, I found my second grade report card.   My handwriting still “Needs improvement.”

My  handwriting is still needing improvement

The fourth and fifth grade report cards were more interesting because they were in a Q&A format, no letter grades assigned.  Apparently I didn’t like the approach to Spanish instruction taken by the school system, but I did enjoy Faust.

4 thoughts on “Blast from the past”

  1. 5 years or so after graduating high school, I visited the campus of my alma mater. I ran into my Chemistry teacher in the hallway.
    “Hi, remember me?”
    “John, class of ’73”
    “Oh, yeah, the apathetic one!”

  2. That’s adorable! My handwriting needs improvement too, lol. Actually, I forgot how to write by hand by now. I’m so used to typing, pencils give me carpal tunnel syndrome. =P

  3. Liz: These days, the only time I handwrite is when I’m taking meeting notes (reinforcement of information) or sending post cards to friends. On the post cards, I’m confounded by the lack of a “delete” key.

    John: Would you consider yourself a late bloomer?

  4. Absolutely, Jim. My assumption is that a curse was put on me by a high school math teacher, such that I would have to make my living by applying logic. My work-day is one “story problem” after another.

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